Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Enemy Ancestor

The sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet,
The delicate, innermost membrane,
Enveloping the brain,
And the spinal cord,
Knowledge of nature,
Of or relating to the English philosopher,
Sir Francis Bacon,
Or his inductive method,
Of or reasoning and philosophy,
To joke,
Such as massage and exercise,
Rather than by drugs or surgery.

A native or inhabitant of Athens,
Relating to or characterized by reversion,
To something ancient,
Or ancestral,
Any two points can be joined by a straight line,
An account of the,
Origins and the,
Developments in meaning of a,
Fifth postulate,
Denoting a proposed new class,
Of computer or programming language,
Artificial intelligence.

A member of seventeenth century sect,
Expecting the immediate second coming of Christ and,
Repudiating all other government,
A person or thing,
Representing or symbolizing,
A fact or ideal,
A thing,
Believed to be real but,
Existing only in the imagination,
A leaf of a fig tree,
Often used for concealing the genitals,
In paintings and sculpture,
The sum of the angles in a triangle,
Is one hundred eighty degree.

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