Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Hidden Works

Engraved and revealed to the beauty,
With few exceptions,
The hidden works,
A material,
Part of discourse generally,
And of the Sublime itself,
To place,
Meeting and matter, concern,
A place,
In the third grade in an,
Examination, especially that for a degree,
Where it forms part of a larger word,
And second,
Exactly what is needed or desired,
In truth.

Earth and Mercury,
Are the only,
Two rocky planets with a,
Global magnetic field,
And to proceed,
The transposition of sounds or letters,
In a word,
What next presents itself,
Earn livehood,
By their calling,
And spend upon themselves,
And upon their kindred,
For the love of,
All words,

Art forms nature,
Given, felt, or done in return,
Of another piece,
Which has been discredited in its,
Absolute form,
The idea that,
The development of an organism,
Exactly mirrors,
The evolutionary development of the,
Spinal column,
A statue so lifelike,
That the hounds,
Thought it was,

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