Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Answer lies in the past

423. Ipsissima verba,
The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Is the ninth letter of Turkish alphabet,
A spindle,
Is a measure of,
Equal to eighteen hanks,
Is a unified framework for all universal forces,
Where the first element,
At one end with a wheel,
An optional hook at the other hand.

424. Sign such an accent,
Written above or below,
A letter,
To indicate a difference,
Is only used as a second footnote,
Answer lies in the past,
Who had daggers still left,
The only serious candidate,
Being buried with darts,
A tapered tuck in a,
Existance or determinate being,
The endless cycle,
With hands and mouths,
Against man in armour.

425. The aspects of the moon,
Make a solemn declaration,
A witness,
Compounds that functions as,
The primary female sex hormone,
Is a from,
Concentration of the reactants,
And products,
Stop changing,
Plane, bare, unadorred,
Fight with their very mouths,
A collection of symbols,
That jointly express,
A quantity.

426. Named after herself,
Dwelling eastward,
Toward the rising sun,
Beyond the river,
To cover,
That have to be observed,
To obtain a good result,
May eventually play,
A fundamental role in,
Sciences of skies,
Appears to me most worthy of credit,
To refrain from destroying living creatures,
Close the door.

427. Have been,
So called,
From the bear skin,
A getan,
And yet,
Deserving the attention of an elevated spirit,
For mirth too,
Is an emotion,
Its root in,
Kindness, justice and equity,
To refrain from taking that which is not given,
Tend to suppose that,
The universe,
Actually has,
More dimensions than the easily observed,
Three of space,
And one,
Of time.

428. Earth.

429. A viper dripping venom on him,
He, himself said it,
As, I never cease to say,
Show me more card games,
A trace, hint, or smattering,
Is placed,
Along the center line of the,
Twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet,
Ordered, repeating patern extending in,
All three spatial dimensions,
A brittle solid,
At low temperatures,
Liquefies slightly above room temperatures,
And indeed,
Will melt,
In the hand.

430. Reality is produced,
That started growing on the,
Larger facets,
But got,
Smoothed over due to the liquid motion,
The dimensionless mass magnetic susceptibility,
Gives the knowledge of the science,
Related to each one,
To split,
Any sturdy pole,
Would have been,
Even larger, more coherent, and more stunning,
The act of,
Freeing a slave,
Done at the will of the,

431. We charge him,
We accuse him,
We censure him for,
To send through,
A person who engraves dies,
Used to stamp designs,
On coins or medals,
His time a moment, and a point his space,
Inclusive of everything,
The first letter of Hebrew alphabet.