Wednesday, February 10, 2016


61. Move one's hand,
To and fro in greeting or as a signal,
The theory that light is propogated by a wave motion,
Imparted to the ether,
By the molecular vibrations of the radiant body,
A method of analysis of the behaviour,
Of atomic phenomena with particles represented by,
Wave equations,
A person who is studying or has expert knowledge,
Of one or more of the,
Natural or physical sciences,
The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the,
Systematic study,
Of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural,
Barely sufficient or adequate,
A specimen, sample, or small amount,
A goat,
Sent into the wilderness,
After the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the,
Sins of the people upon it.

62. Have a weight of,
Tremble or shake convulsively,
Especially from fear or repugnance,
Squeeze or hold tightly in one's arms,
A medal,
Made or,
Coloured bronze,
Customarily awarded for,
Third place,
In a race or competition,
The main body of a ship or other vessel,
Including the bottom, sides, and deck,
But not the superstructure, engines, and other fittings,
Of a branch of learning intended to have,
A civilizing effect,
A rationalistic outlook or system of thought,
Attaching prime importance to human,
Rather than divine or supernatural matters,
A length of cloth,
Or enveloping garment in which,
A dead person is wrapped for burial,
A Sherpa mountain guide who manages all other Sherpas,
In a climbing expedition or trekking group,
Grimly serious or strict,
Especially in the,
Exercise of discipline.

63. An introductory,
Course at a mediaval university,
Involving the study of grammar,
And logic,
A place regarded in various religions,
As a spritual realm of evil and suffering,
Often depicted as a place of,
Perpetual fire beneath the earth,
To which wicked are considered,
Consigned after death,
A object having a three-dimensional shape,
Like that of a wire,
Wound uniformly in a single layer,
Around the cylinder or cone,
As in corkscrew or spiral staircase,
Lean over owing to the preassure,
Of wind or an,
Unevent load.

64. Lift or haul,
With great effort,
A person who does not,
Belong to a widely held religion,
Especially Christianity, Judaism, or Islam,
As regarded by those who do,
The abnormal narrowing of,
The main body or stalk,
Supporting a fruit, or leaf,
And attaching it to a larger branch,
An abrupt change in the value of a quantity,
Especially voltage,
The perception of depth,
Produced by the reception in the brain of visual stimuli,
From the both eyes in combination,
An image or idea of,
A particularly type of person,
Or thing,
That has become fixed through being,
Widely held.

65. Insert,
Or push,
Into or through something,
Be or remain,
Fixed with its point embedded in,
Dialogue in which two characters speak,
Alternate lines of verse,
Used as a stylistic device,
In ancient Greek drama,
The friction which tends to prevent stationary surfaces from,
Being set in motion,
Difficult to turn,
Or operate.

66. A determined or persistent person,
A person who resist change,
A person who insist,
On a certain quality or type of behaviour,
An armed robbery in which,
A gun is used to threathen people,
Given to stealing,
Tackle or fend off,
By extending an arm rigidly,
Think deeply about something,
That makes one unhappy,
The typical manner in which someone behaves,
Or which something happens,
To route along,
Which someone or something,
Is travelling or would travel,
If unobstructed.

67. Towards a higher place or position,
Have as an attribute or visible mark,
Pleasing the senses of mind,
Of a very high standart,
Change from a gas or vapour to a liquid,
A state of affairs,
That must exist before something else is possible,
Bring into the desired state for use,
Prejudice against or in favour of people,
Belonging to a particular social class,
Grasp tigthly,
Something given or played,
Include a new player,
In a card game,

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