Saturday, August 22, 2015

Andromeda to the Pleiades

Twisted or contoured,
Out of shape,
The spiritual guide of,
A living person's soul,
Twist or squirm in pain,
As the lame best perform,
The acts of love,
Heading in the direction of the,
Sun's transit moves next after,
Andromeda to the Pleiades,
The front,
Strands move from,
The lower left,
To the upper,
Then it is a right-handed,
It occurs,
When an object,
Two or more values,
For an observable quantity,
Is that the universal state,
Is a quantum superposition of,
An infinite number of states of,
Identical non-communicating,
Parallel universes,
Due to,
Bryce DeWitt,
Not more than two,
Or at the most,