Sunday, June 7, 2015


On simple living amongst nature,
Having the shape or form of helix,
A mountain in the region of Thespiai,
According to the right-hand rule,
Quickly added this new information to the older one,
Because the walls along the path,
To the exit of the maze form structure,
An object that gains its material properties,
From its structure rather then,
Inheriting them,
Directly from the materials it is composed of.

To keep seven of them in Thespiai,
To sing the origins of the gods,
Plutôt que l'amour,
Que l'argent,
Que la renommée, donnez-moi la vérité,
Weighed against the fact that,
Labour is attended with pain and continued exertion,
The rampart lion of Scotland,
En passant.

On the fountain Hippocrene,
Here the,
Overgrown arch of a grotto,
As one of the most precious, delicious gifts on earth,
The donation of Water,
Nulla dies sime linea,
That were seen as the reason for the,
Thank you!
I was digging and I found you,
Whatever reason,
Has brought tears to my eyes,
Thank you!
Just may have discovered that,

Easier to work with,
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction,
Than the initial data set,
Algorithms can map the relation,
Roll, in a lower dimensional space,
Ships among points in a geometry,
July seventeen.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


My honourable colleague ;
The remains of something,
That has been destroyed,
Two hundred thirty light years,
From Earth,
An armored personal carrier.

*As only he could,
That thee,
Ape-man was among thee,

*As only he could,
That thee,
Talking to them in low,

As only he could,
That thee,
Stroking their shaggy,

As only he could,
That thee,
Assuring them,
That thee,
Danger was over.

To say;
They learned,
So that,
How large it had originally,
Debris of,
Shipwrecked vessels,
Had been seen,
On thee,
It's what you make of it,
The art of,