Wednesday, March 4, 2015


407.    Whe have nine letters in his name,
The authenticity of four,
Have been questioned,
Possibly thereby,
Used constantly,
Without any real definition,
Of the claim,
Courage is wise endurance of the soul,
Do you then,
Bring down completely,
An unexplained radar signal.

408.    A covering or partition of this,
Or to for one's own or,
The giving of reward and punishment,
Meaning day and night,
The lable of practice,
Exactly as,
It stands in the original,
So, thus.

409.    At a great crisis,
Place of the,
Civilized lords,
To collaborate in building the temple,
Lasting through a year,
Or several years,
In old age,
The bone reverts in some measure,
To the infantile condition,
The Circle of animals,
Is the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet,
A colorless noble gas,
In eleven caves,
Is attempt to explain all of the particles and,
Fundamental forces of nature,
In one theory,
By modeling them as,
Vibrations of tiny,
Supersymmetric strings.