Friday, February 6, 2015

Yes, that is Calamus.

526.    The scene,
The worthy,
Final victory,
Has a hollow interior,
Almost invariably,
Including the idea that,
It has a habitable inner surface,
The sound of a step of someone walking,
Just an attemp,
To solve a problem,
Using the power of,
Human imagination,
Unwilling to make concessions, resolute,
Harsh or relentless,
In a state of deep,
Prolonged conciousness,
Blocked their way.

527.    Surpassing all other,
The nebulous cloud,
Containing the nucleus,
And constituting,
The major portion of the head of a comet,
Fifty to hundred families,
Hook with,
Which wolves are caught,
The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Appeared in the first line,
Each of his eclipse tables,
Where they were,
A measure of the angular separation,
Between the center of the Moon,
And either the center of the Sun,
Or the center of the,
Earth's shadow.

528.    The stigma,
A stalk connecting,
With the ovary below,
The third unknown,
Provided or fitted out,
A celluar tisue enveloping one large cell,
Inner eye via which,
Five arc-minutes each,
The two heath towers,
Height of just under three,
Size from the top,
To the bottom,
The cluster bones in the hand,
An extensive tract of,
Uncultivated open land,
Covered with herbage,
And low shrubs,
Yes, that is Calamus.