Sunday, September 27, 2015


Mikael, Gabriel, Raziel
Glory, foundation, wisdom
Hod, yesod, çokmah
Güneş, ay, yıldız
East, West and North
Binah ve Cassiel
Tiferet ve Rafael
Hesed ve Zadkiel
Uriel at South
Netzach ve Haniel
Spirit, Kether
I am thought
Gevurah ve Kamael
Malkuth ve Sandalphon

Friday, September 18, 2015

The antediluvian world

Where humans existed alongside now extinct megafauna,
On the hominid tree to show host evolutionary,
On the Extinction of the Mammoth,
This pre-human ate like a chimp,
Giant, very large or large animals,
Argue that nonhuman great apes are persons and should be given basic human rights,
Homo sapiens,
A hominoid, commonly called an ape,
The antediluvian world,
Arguing that the brain is far too small to be a separate dwarf species,
I am an Atheist,
No trace of disease.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Andromedan Dialog

- Share your knowledge of the Andromedan Council, Pleiadians, Sirians, Nibiru, Illuminati.
I take this seriously. No force greater than the urgency of now. Be bold!
My regards,

-do you have a more secure means of contact?

Ut pictura occulta mostrat,
Between fertilization and death,
As that member of the divine council,
Who watches over human activity,
As stands fast bound to the cross,
Suffered martyrdom,
Almost insoluble in water,
In addition differ in solubility,
Light to the left,
Easy to grow,
With large rewards for,
Small efforts,
Since the electron can travel the whole,
Length of the chain~

...introduce yourself

-I..don't understand.

"Fast bound to the cross" Jesus?

For now, I introduce myself as (...). I knew nothing about matter of this sort until a few months ago. It is my understanding that many things will happen on Earth. Knowing this, I need answers, friend. You may not have all, but I thank you for the ones you will share with me.
Please, continue.

And sentiments,
A duplicate source of light,
In the shade,
In the lake,
In the mirror,
Or the eyes,
The celestial prosecutor,
On protecting groups in synthesis,
Used some of the followings,
To prepare the last synthesis,
Different all before free,
Anticipates the,
All before free,
Itself was known~ have to introduce a proper language

To ensure that the transfer was complete,
Versus physiological translation termination,
Codon definition,
As well as on,
Reversed with water washes,
Derivate were already known,
Via a circuitous route,
The gauche form is favored,
Result of its rapid rotation and fluid state,
Dense than water,
But to a lesser degree,
That is,
Created from biological materials and,
Resembles a human.

- do you know about what might take place Dec.21, 2012 ?

...forget it...polaris will stay at it's recent position ten thousand years more...than vega will be the new north star...nothing will be happen at 2012...but...

-But what?
And how do you know this for sure? Who/what are your sources?

-Is Ashtar Command real? I don't think you understand how important this me. Do I have anything to prepare for?

Tell all the truth but tell it slant,
Produces a far grater effect,
By this very use,
The undesirable concentration of mental energy,
In one direction.
Sui generis,
The part of the mind that acts,
As a self-critical conscience,
Reflecting social standards,
Learned from parents and teachers,
Adds the long-awaited conclusion,
At the right place,
Not planned or thought out in advance,
Lose moisture and turn to a fine powder,
On exposure to air,
I am that I am.

There is no teacher,
No teaching,
And no thought,
Any technological society in space,
Will be transmitting information,
Which makes them most ignoble,
Remaining in a pure state,
That is not the world's peace,
That ruins great natures,
Far rather war,
And the love of pleasure,
The love of riches,
Drown us body and soul in the dephts,
The process of recovering data,
From primary storage,
Write in English,
Yet our matter will be as hard,
As Greek to some.

- I understand very little of what you're saying. Are pleaidians/andromedans/greys/reptilians real? Is ANY of it real?
Who is here to help and who is not. I'm not kidding, any more of this wierd poetry stuff you're writing and I'll just give up on you. are not real...all of them are part of a "new age" can study on them...but...stop asking to believe on some tales...start to study on logic, grammar, and philosophy...

- Like Aristotle, Plato, Locke, Hobbes, etc? yourself

- Myself? My own personal ideals, values and beliefs on the universe and its inhabitants?
Or my own existence in it?

Yourself! Your own personal ideals, values and beliefs as a part of the universe and its inhabitants.

Or your own existence in it.

With LOVE and PEACE.

The quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.

Correct or pleasing proportion of parts!

Similarity or exact correspondence, the property of being unchanged by given operation or process: with measure!

Fellow drinker!

A complex whole; a set of things working together as a mechanism or interconnecting network with set up an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.

The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity:



Devil to slander!

Clear of dregs, purify!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alpha Mu Gamma

Who had passionately supported the,
Was so deftly implementing,
Puppets With Pens,
A spy in the Mediterranean,
Whose memoir,
These events,
Began to take place,
We called it liberation.

Then hope is left,
The most celebrated of these correspondents,
In early spring nineteenfortyfive,
By your father's adroitness,
Puppets With Swords,
And family watched over by,
Queen of Heaven,
Ciao bello! They said,
Who was born about the time,
But one who was middle of the road.

Saecula Omnimodus Bellum,
Perhaps influenced by,
After its cry,
Sea urchin,
Which in the,
Authorized Version,
And in the,
Revised Version,
The bitter water solution of bromides,
And calcium salts,
Remaining after sodium chloride,
Is cyristallized out of,
The booming of bittern.

This is known as,
Lotus effect,
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus,
Dorsal to ventral,
Or anterior - posterior,
There is no differentation,
This is known as,
With respect to,
Angle seventytwo degree,
The egg,
The embryo,
Living cell,
With respect to the polarizers.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Andromeda to the Pleiades

Twisted or contoured,
Out of shape,
The spiritual guide of,
A living person's soul,
Twist or squirm in pain,
As the lame best perform,
The acts of love,
Heading in the direction of the,
Sun's transit moves next after,
Andromeda to the Pleiades,
The front,
Strands move from,
The lower left,
To the upper,
Then it is a right-handed,
It occurs,
When an object,
Two or more values,
For an observable quantity,
Is that the universal state,
Is a quantum superposition of,
An infinite number of states of,
Identical non-communicating,
Parallel universes,
Due to,
Bryce DeWitt,
Not more than two,
Or at the most,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Book M - I. Chapter


    The Sacred Bull!
    The Sun in the Taurus!
    The Soul of Osiris!
    The Sacred Serpent!
    The Retiring of the Bull!
    Every twenty-five years,
    Crescent and Star and the Sun!


The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time, prove more powerful; be victorious!

Be widespread or current, persuade to do something.

    Before, have power, a number of people or things in a more or loss straight line.

A difficult task, to forming a line!

    In succession, travel by this way:
    Engage in the sport of rowing.
Complete the course of a boat race with little effort.

    A spell of Rowing:
    A flat piece hinged vertically near the stem of a boat for steering,
    A vertical aerofoil pivoted from the tail plane of an aircraft for controlling movement about the vertical axis.
    A pole with a flat blade, used to row or steer a boat through the water.

Give, an opinion without being asked.

    A large tree which bears acorns and has lobed leaves and hard durably wood,
    Denoting the amount of land a yoke of oxen could plough in a day,
    Shut the outer door of one's room as a sign that one does not wish to be disturbed.

Drive or push forwards!
Drive in the particular situation.
Forward to drive!

Write or name, the letters that form in connect sequence.
Make up a form.

Be sign of, lead to!

Explain something simply and in detail, a short period of time, a period of rest from work.

Take someone's place in order to allow them to rest briefly.
Take the place of!

A manner of doing something, make into a particular form or article to a certain extent but not perfectly, in a manner similar to: do, make!

Emitting light as a result of being heated, containing a filament which glows white-hot, when heated by a current passed through it.
Extremely angry!

Glow with heat!

A supreme ruler of this people:
Lord, royal person,
Delight, charm!

Put under a spell, in sing; the herb used by Circe to charm Odysseus' companions.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Your Flag

Spirit and resilience,
Contributes to a world of,
Love, peace, and happiness,
A person's ability to cope,
With difficulties,
And thus,
Likened to,
One's love for one's child,
One's best.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


On simple living amongst nature,
Having the shape or form of helix,
A mountain in the region of Thespiai,
According to the right-hand rule,
Quickly added this new information to the older one,
Because the walls along the path,
To the exit of the maze form structure,
An object that gains its material properties,
From its structure rather then,
Inheriting them,
Directly from the materials it is composed of.

To keep seven of them in Thespiai,
To sing the origins of the gods,
Plutôt que l'amour,
Que l'argent,
Que la renommée, donnez-moi la vérité,
Weighed against the fact that,
Labour is attended with pain and continued exertion,
The rampart lion of Scotland,
En passant.

On the fountain Hippocrene,
Here the,
Overgrown arch of a grotto,
As one of the most precious, delicious gifts on earth,
The donation of Water,
Nulla dies sime linea,
That were seen as the reason for the,
Thank you!
I was digging and I found you,
Whatever reason,
Has brought tears to my eyes,
Thank you!
Just may have discovered that,

Easier to work with,
Nonlinear dimensionality reduction,
Than the initial data set,
Algorithms can map the relation,
Roll, in a lower dimensional space,
Ships among points in a geometry,
July seventeen.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


My honourable colleague ;
The remains of something,
That has been destroyed,
Two hundred thirty light years,
From Earth,
An armored personal carrier.

*As only he could,
That thee,
Ape-man was among thee,

*As only he could,
That thee,
Talking to them in low,

As only he could,
That thee,
Stroking their shaggy,

As only he could,
That thee,
Assuring them,
That thee,
Danger was over.

To say;
They learned,
So that,
How large it had originally,
Debris of,
Shipwrecked vessels,
Had been seen,
On thee,
It's what you make of it,
The art of,


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exemplum Docet!

The example teaches,
Have given you an example,
That you should do as,
Have done to you,
Keep away,
Keep away.

Of the subject opens,
Feelings of melancholy,
Should call every truth,
Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers,
Agree that,
Have remedies for negligence,
Neglect and contempt,
Best cures of jealousy.

What I do not know,
Makes me do not be named,
Given yourselves in fact the examples,
Because how,
Facades also you.

As far out of the rest,
Begins to live,
For this,
To lay new foundations,
Exemplum Docet!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The first White Work

A vehicle with four horses,
Driven by,
One person,
With two hanging ends,
A series of function,
From a given non-periodic function,
Of sinusoidal functions,
Derived and representing,
A system for the,
Reorganisation of the society,
In accordance with the,

Condensated liquid,
A sign indicating,
Stone bottom at the water's edge,
And entreth not into the Work,
But is calved,
Terra damnata,
Ether in general,
With several heads,
Serpents of the Caduceus,
Deprived of wings,
The fixed principle,
Furnace of philosophers,
Summit of philosophical egg.

Medicine may also be,
Is that water,
Sulphur that flour,
Be multiplied eternally,
Becomes sour and made into leaven,
Common gold,
What the leaven is in making of bread,
So one cannot make ferment,
With common gold,
Without gold,
But a virgin gold,
The intrinsic form of the Stone,
So the medicine is only,
A composition of water and kneaded flour.

Of Sulphur and Mercury,
Fermented with Gold,
The first White Work,
Must be finished in the,
House of the moon,
It is also appears as,
A negative spectrum,
To have any meaning in itself,
Terra Sancta,
By often rectifying the Ardent Water,
There will come Aer,
In a white Oyl,
Swimming above the water.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Unknown and hidden,
And not,
Lacking light,
Called after the title,
Awakened and unite with,
Lodges of the lost word,
Will gather secret and teach.
We are stillborn,
And that suits us better and better,
Not by living,
The title of King.

There was, however,
Slides over the ocean bottom,
And into our,
Bays and estuaries,
Smiled at some inner secret,
The happiest person alive,
Burned alive,
Something in her ear,
That turned the Queen pale,
Since the barycenter is located below the,
Earth's surface.

They will look upon him,
Whom they have pierced,
One of the few,
To have purchased,
And read,
Yes; but they are not gone,
It is called a lunar eclipse,
In contrast,
The word transit,
Hides the more distant object,
Are known as,

The same way,
During the last times,
From these tortures and injustices,
That this vast Earth,
Will appear small to them,
As it had been filled with injustice and distress,
So much so,
On this earth,
Will find no shelter to seek refuge,
At such a time,
The Negro,
Called by the ignorant and bigoted peasants,
In preservation of the,
Foundation was established.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Messenger and Servant

Misses this,
Then that,
Then the other,
Of the principle of,
Equality before the law,
Roundly it,
If there be other way,
For eight and forty hours only,
Only that,
For eight and forty hours,
Let me charter your ship,
And you shall do this thing~

An assignment of a quantity to every point of space,
Also called,
The obliquity of the ecliptic,
The Farmer,
Acquires the virtues of,
Also called,
As the Ring Nebula,
Contain the last vestige of,
Lyran DNA,
Who is tasked with curing,
In order to help them evolve~

Come to be tilted towards the Sun,
The first,
Being the first,
Day of May,
Messenger and Servant,
To Loosen, to Free, to Love,
A Star,
The Best,
For verily here,
All three things,
To hand all at once,
Which to choose,
Mirth and love,
And sweet sleep.

This I will declare to you exactly,
By this shaft of cornel wood,
People from the faraway islands,
While the direction of the tilt,
Gradually undergoes precession,
Cozens the tribes of mortal man,
The star you refer to is,
Of the constellation,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


407.    Whe have nine letters in his name,
The authenticity of four,
Have been questioned,
Possibly thereby,
Used constantly,
Without any real definition,
Of the claim,
Courage is wise endurance of the soul,
Do you then,
Bring down completely,
An unexplained radar signal.

408.    A covering or partition of this,
Or to for one's own or,
The giving of reward and punishment,
Meaning day and night,
The lable of practice,
Exactly as,
It stands in the original,
So, thus.

409.    At a great crisis,
Place of the,
Civilized lords,
To collaborate in building the temple,
Lasting through a year,
Or several years,
In old age,
The bone reverts in some measure,
To the infantile condition,
The Circle of animals,
Is the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet,
A colorless noble gas,
In eleven caves,
Is attempt to explain all of the particles and,
Fundamental forces of nature,
In one theory,
By modeling them as,
Vibrations of tiny,
Supersymmetric strings.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Yes, that is Calamus.

526.    The scene,
The worthy,
Final victory,
Has a hollow interior,
Almost invariably,
Including the idea that,
It has a habitable inner surface,
The sound of a step of someone walking,
Just an attemp,
To solve a problem,
Using the power of,
Human imagination,
Unwilling to make concessions, resolute,
Harsh or relentless,
In a state of deep,
Prolonged conciousness,
Blocked their way.

527.    Surpassing all other,
The nebulous cloud,
Containing the nucleus,
And constituting,
The major portion of the head of a comet,
Fifty to hundred families,
Hook with,
Which wolves are caught,
The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Appeared in the first line,
Each of his eclipse tables,
Where they were,
A measure of the angular separation,
Between the center of the Moon,
And either the center of the Sun,
Or the center of the,
Earth's shadow.

528.    The stigma,
A stalk connecting,
With the ovary below,
The third unknown,
Provided or fitted out,
A celluar tisue enveloping one large cell,
Inner eye via which,
Five arc-minutes each,
The two heath towers,
Height of just under three,
Size from the top,
To the bottom,
The cluster bones in the hand,
An extensive tract of,
Uncultivated open land,
Covered with herbage,
And low shrubs,
Yes, that is Calamus.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Salamoalayka Akhi,
Slowly moving serpent,
A shoot or sprout,
Meaning truth,
As the hospitable sea,
Of stone masonry,
Shama Israelu Adonai,
Ila Hayno Adna Ikhat.

When the climate became warmer,
All the world,
Even in Arcadia,
The truth.