Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Flows from the nature,
Codex :
The part of pistils,
That receives the pollen,
During pollination,
Altar, shrine, sanctuary,
Holly of hollies,
And the main garden in the midst,
Beside alleys on both sides,
Of heath!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Call Fourth the souls of the dead

Of the number four,
And scale,
The omnipotence paradox,
Whether or not,
An omnipotent being is able to perform,
Actions that,
Call the number,
To live, to be sensible, to understand,
By what means magicians and necromancers,
Call Fourth the souls of the dead.

Save me Zeus,
Save me Apollon,
Save me Hermes,
Save me,
O God of the Christians,
But save me,
From the hands of that,
O Hermes,
Count again or,
Two heifers.

The first intellect,
The aim of The Sage,
The Follower,
The white spot,
A caf,
Correct the understanding and sharpen the apprehension,
That would limit its own,
Language in which,
He wrote,
The language of the Almohad kings,
Light, Diaphanousness, Agility, Solidity.

Of years transformed their saint to a deity,
The Prophet of God; ─░dris,
Nabiyullah Idris,
Golden chain tree,
Through a four stage,
Ovum, Larva, Pupa, ─░mago.