Friday, October 24, 2014


Forget me not,
And your dignity,
Will thrown from a high pedestal,
To dream that you accuse,
That you will have quarrels with those,
Under you,
Master the guitar at his age,
But the Young Man,
Uniting with tolerance,
Gave the guitar to Agatha.

To be good,
Forget me not,
So as to be able to put,
The top of the next,
Dvar Ha-Melekh-Ha-Qadosh,
Adjacent to this mark,
Status Constructus,
The Actus Reus,
Forget me not,
For the understanding of,
Respondent's Caduceus,
As recipients or hearers of,
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Only through accident of birth,
That its bearer has contingently,
That the defendant,
Presents an excuse that,
An autosomal dominant gene,
That is always expressed,
Like the Utopia of a better Europe,
Actual Innocence,
In the sense,
Of healer and,
In the sense,
Of song.

Encyclopedia-everywhere you look,
Player of lute,
Applies the sound of open strings,
Accused capotasto,
To lead those voices,
And the non-coding sequences,
Any human being's entire genome is,
Accident of birth,
That the defendant,
Will spring from the sources,
So this Prince is,

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