Thursday, July 10, 2014

The sanctuary from the body

91.    A level or point,
At which something would start,
Or cease to happen,
Or come into effect,
Three times,
A game in which bets are,
Made on,
Which is the queen,
Among three cards,
Lying face downwards,
Capture the fascinating attention of,
Religious fervoure,
Supposedly resulting directly,
From divine inspiration.

92.    Deprived of mind,
A means of expressing,
Or fulfilling something,
That conceals,
Disguises or obscures,
The piece of precious cloth,
The sanctuary from the body,
Of the temple,
Or tabernacle,
The continuation of the spinal cord,
Within the skull,
Forming the lowest part,
Of the brainstem.

93.    A state,
In which a process,
And its reverse,
Are occuring at equal rates,
So that no overall change is taking place ;
A property,
Or group of properties of something,
Which it would not exist,
Or be what it is,
An arch of colours visible in the sky,
Caused by the refraction and dispersion of the,
Sun's light,
Cause to be heard, felt, or considered,
A response accepting an order.

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