Saturday, June 14, 2014

In Hoc Signo Vinces!


Respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others, dismiss from one's mind.

Walk in a specified way,
Walk or on alone!
Press down or crush with feet,
Offend someone by encroaching on their area of responsibility:
Obsessive egoism!

A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something,
Not friend,
In to a crust,
By or in itself or themselves,
Very deep!

Send someone or something without warning into a particular state or condition.
Cause to move rapidly.

Transfer or delegate power to a lower level, especially from central government to local or regional administration!
Intense enjoyment, interest or approval, religious fervour supposedly resulting from divine inspiration an argument in which  one premise is not explicitly stated.

Wind or twist together,
The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives or operates.

The natural world, especially as affected by human activity, fill until no more can be held or absorbed.

Be wise!

A place of refuge or safety,
A nature reserve,
Holy of holies!
A young slender tree,
A shallow place in a river or stream that can be crossed on foot or in vehicle,
A part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off.

      Any solid consisting of symmetrical ordered, three dimensional aggregations of atoms and molecules;
    Clear and transparent,
    To desire,
    Come to think!
    In good time; early!

    A division between strongly opposed parties caused by differences in opinion or belief break or caused to break forcibly into parts, cause the fission of atom.
A storm or rock break up a ship.

A colourless liquid hydro-carbon, obtained from coal tar and used in synthetic resins, not in accordance with the law or accepted standards.   

Blasphemous or obscene!   
Put pressure on to act in a certain way.

An extensive and destructive fire;
To blow!

Cry out!
Call out!

Say, tell:
Die, especially in large numbers.
Suffer complete ruin or destruction.
Pass away,
Cruelty and savageness!
Crush, injure or damage with a blow.

A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action:
To see!
Most suitable; perfect,
Adore, revere.

A flowerless vascular plant which has feathery or leafy fronds and reproduces by spores released from undersides of the fronds; a thing designed to catch people's attention, an added stroke transnote, place or lay over another so that both are evident.
    A disc!
We command,
As a consequence,
    An unstable lepton with charge of -1 and a mass 3500 times that of the electron,
    A small hammer with which a judge to call for attention or order!
Be careful!
Careful not to harm or inconvenience others!

Mark with a seal!
An ancient Greek or Roman herald's wand,
With two serpents twined round it,
Carried by the messenger god:
In Hoc Signo Vinces!

Evidence establishing a fact or the truth of a statement, a word, letter or number placed before another.
An element placed at the beginning of a word to adjust or qualify its meaning.

Before to fix!   
A person employed to wash the dishes and carry out other menial tasks in a restaurant or hotel,
A person with a highly developed intellect,
Overwhelm with things to be dealt with.
An overflow of a large amount of water over dry land,
Supply water to by means of channels.
Apply a flow water or medication to, wish well!   
Serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose, compensate for the faults or bad aspects of.
Buy the freedom of, done with great difficulty.

A songbird with brown streaky plumage elongated hind claws and a song that is delivered on the wing.
The solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, scope for freedom of action or thought.

A fine bread!
A movable joint or mechanism by which a door, gate or lid opens and closes or which connects linked objects;
Shining brightly!

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