Saturday, June 7, 2014

Artem Novam

441.    Becoming brahman,
Yes I am,
I am also a Christian,
A Muslim,
A Buddhist,
And a Jew,
A person who is optimistic regardless,
Of the circumstances,
Wery small or meagre,
Employed in,
Describing things,
Small as well,
As great.

442.    I can recall,
When it is maybe said to have,
Tickled me,
Said to have been called,
Artem Novam,
Pleasure born from detachment,
Of an ellipse,
Is greater than zero and less than one,
Originally black and white,
Or blue or white
With a twisted stem,
Long, spiny red cells, white cells,
And platelets,
Well built and opened out,
Who grew,
Almost invincible and,
Wreacked havoc,
On the world,
The noticing of the object of meditation.

443.    Formed by intersecting,
A cone with,
A plane,
The whell of life,
Of the hosts,
Hook and eye,
Invisible if it is,
Behind something else,
Measure the neckline hole,
Of a parabola is one,
The eccentricity, in a sense,
Of a hyperbola is,
Greater than one,
The common element,
In both cases,
Fixed single-pointed awareness,
Free from directed thought,
Of a straight line,
Is infinity.

444.    Divide this in half,
Then add one,
For seam allowance,
The same colour or pattern as the background,
With the,
Purity of equanimity,
In the equatorial plane,
A horizontal line this long,
Patterned so that its outline is hard to determine,
In an environment which is too dark,
Gives out,
Maximum amount of oxygen during daytime,
The ninth
Tenth elements.

445.    Into cover,
Be integrated,
Through which something is taken in,
A location,
The great forty,
As an implicit ninth aspect,
Of the path,
A line from one end straight down for,
About thirty degree,
Then connect,
The bottom of that line to the,
End of,
Your horizontal line,
You've made,
A tall, thin, right,
Not in a particular observer's,

446.    The fifth of those elements,
The second turning,
Ultimate ensemble,
So massive that,
Its escape velocity,
Exceeds the speed of light,
At the beginning,
Concerned with the integrals of functions,
Is that,
All structures that exist mathematically,
Exist also physically.

447.    An object,
With sufficient density that,
The force of gravity,
Prevents anything,
From escaping from,
Except through,
Quantum tunneling behaviour,
Is absolutely essential,
A dream, a lightning flash, or a cloud,
Fold it along,
The diagonal line,
And than cut it out,
Emitting or reflecting light,
Outside the wavelength range of,
Visible light.

448.    Namely,
Using csh and tcsh,
Describes from beginning,
Cut four of these,
From your cloth,
Two for the hood,
Two for the lining,
Bears a resemblance to,
A wide winged, long necked,
In graceful flight,
A supposedly inherited subconscious memory,
Light, heat, or other energy,
Falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month,
To use,
These shells,
Interactively to get,
Your work done faster.

449.    Published to his hearers,
A formal pledge or promise to do,
In a certain order,
The call is a mewling keow,
The third turning,
Humans cannot see,
On top another,
Right sides together
And sew together,
Along the long sides,
Having already in two treatises,
A ring with a flat bottom.

450.    It is,
A bronze disc of around,
Thirty centimeters diameter,
Patinated blue-green,
Mingling in concert,
And by their,
Terminal causality,
As the foundation of a,
Unitarian notion of nature,
Loosely described as,
Similar to a Mongolian race type,
With prominent noses,
Were the first tribe,
To introduce,
Stirr up to,

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