Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sol Invictus

Hot or glowing,
Shoulder of rein holder,
Denoting or relating,
To the wedge-shaped characters,
Used in the ancient writing system of,
Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Persia,
And Ugarit,
Sol Invictus,
Is abstract and transcendent,
The spirit of human being,
That had existed before,
And will and continue to exist after,
For the divine creature,
There is a period,
Defined by a,
Perfect number,
In the same spirit,
Corresponding in size or degree,
That nature,
Can bestow mastery,
Of the purported knowledge,
Art and power.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aleph witha dagesh

Aleph witha dagesh,
Who feels on the,
Right moment,
Right ground,
Right length,
Of time,
The rule of the three,
Drawing a bow,
The fourth,
Could travel freely.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Such as,
These are,
In thee,
Who afterwards,
To correspond,
Had much to say upon that,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

In Hoc Signo Vinces!


Respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others, dismiss from one's mind.

Walk in a specified way,
Walk or on alone!
Press down or crush with feet,
Offend someone by encroaching on their area of responsibility:
Obsessive egoism!

A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something,
Not friend,
In to a crust,
By or in itself or themselves,
Very deep!

Send someone or something without warning into a particular state or condition.
Cause to move rapidly.

Transfer or delegate power to a lower level, especially from central government to local or regional administration!
Intense enjoyment, interest or approval, religious fervour supposedly resulting from divine inspiration an argument in which  one premise is not explicitly stated.

Wind or twist together,
The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives or operates.

The natural world, especially as affected by human activity, fill until no more can be held or absorbed.

Be wise!

A place of refuge or safety,
A nature reserve,
Holy of holies!
A young slender tree,
A shallow place in a river or stream that can be crossed on foot or in vehicle,
A part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off.

      Any solid consisting of symmetrical ordered, three dimensional aggregations of atoms and molecules;
    Clear and transparent,
    To desire,
    Come to think!
    In good time; early!

    A division between strongly opposed parties caused by differences in opinion or belief break or caused to break forcibly into parts, cause the fission of atom.
A storm or rock break up a ship.

A colourless liquid hydro-carbon, obtained from coal tar and used in synthetic resins, not in accordance with the law or accepted standards.   

Blasphemous or obscene!   
Put pressure on to act in a certain way.

An extensive and destructive fire;
To blow!

Cry out!
Call out!

Say, tell:
Die, especially in large numbers.
Suffer complete ruin or destruction.
Pass away,
Cruelty and savageness!
Crush, injure or damage with a blow.

A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action:
To see!
Most suitable; perfect,
Adore, revere.

A flowerless vascular plant which has feathery or leafy fronds and reproduces by spores released from undersides of the fronds; a thing designed to catch people's attention, an added stroke transnote, place or lay over another so that both are evident.
    A disc!
We command,
As a consequence,
    An unstable lepton with charge of -1 and a mass 3500 times that of the electron,
    A small hammer with which a judge to call for attention or order!
Be careful!
Careful not to harm or inconvenience others!

Mark with a seal!
An ancient Greek or Roman herald's wand,
With two serpents twined round it,
Carried by the messenger god:
In Hoc Signo Vinces!

Evidence establishing a fact or the truth of a statement, a word, letter or number placed before another.
An element placed at the beginning of a word to adjust or qualify its meaning.

Before to fix!   
A person employed to wash the dishes and carry out other menial tasks in a restaurant or hotel,
A person with a highly developed intellect,
Overwhelm with things to be dealt with.
An overflow of a large amount of water over dry land,
Supply water to by means of channels.
Apply a flow water or medication to, wish well!   
Serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose, compensate for the faults or bad aspects of.
Buy the freedom of, done with great difficulty.

A songbird with brown streaky plumage elongated hind claws and a song that is delivered on the wing.
The solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, scope for freedom of action or thought.

A fine bread!
A movable joint or mechanism by which a door, gate or lid opens and closes or which connects linked objects;
Shining brightly!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

One's portion of death

68.    The scientific study of death,
And practices associated with it ,
Drama portraying the futility of human struggle,
In a senseless world,
One's portion of death,
The object of a person's perception,
The doctrine that human knowledge,
Is confined to the appearences presented to the senses,
Appearing to view,
To show,

69.    A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others,
Especially by donating money,
To good causes,
Treatment or circumstances that,
Cause one to feel shame or to lose one's dignity,
Gracefully thin,
The hollow lower part of the shaft of a feather,
An illusion or apparition,
A distinct period of stage in a process of change or,
A fundamental part of a political or,
Other programme,
Be about to happen,
Impossible to pass through or enter.

70.    A substance,
Which can penetrate cracks, pores, and other surface defects,
Producing characteristic effects,
In the phenotypes of individuals possessing them,
Travelling place to place,
Working or based in a succession of places,
Each for a short period,
A situation of serious and immediate danger,
To try,
A monthly flow of blood and other material,
From the lining of the uterus,
Occuring in women of,
Child-bearing age when,
Not pregnant,
A comparision between two things,
A diminished capacity for physical sensation,
An act or right of selecting something.

71.    Alter slightly in order to achieve a correct,
Or desired result,
Related to a given function,
Or quantity by a particular process of transposition,
The section of community,
Regarded as readily influenced,
By advertising and mass media,
Be wise!
Poisoning produced by eating food,
Affected by ergot,
Resulting in headache, vomiting, diarrhoea,
And gangrene of the fingers and toes,
Most noticeable or important,
The quantity,
Obtained by dividing the number one,
By a given quantity,
The rearrangement of genetic material,
Especially by crossing over in chromosomes or,
By the artificial joining of,
DNA segments.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Artem Novam

441.    Becoming brahman,
Yes I am,
I am also a Christian,
A Muslim,
A Buddhist,
And a Jew,
A person who is optimistic regardless,
Of the circumstances,
Wery small or meagre,
Employed in,
Describing things,
Small as well,
As great.

442.    I can recall,
When it is maybe said to have,
Tickled me,
Said to have been called,
Artem Novam,
Pleasure born from detachment,
Of an ellipse,
Is greater than zero and less than one,
Originally black and white,
Or blue or white
With a twisted stem,
Long, spiny red cells, white cells,
And platelets,
Well built and opened out,
Who grew,
Almost invincible and,
Wreacked havoc,
On the world,
The noticing of the object of meditation.

443.    Formed by intersecting,
A cone with,
A plane,
The whell of life,
Of the hosts,
Hook and eye,
Invisible if it is,
Behind something else,
Measure the neckline hole,
Of a parabola is one,
The eccentricity, in a sense,
Of a hyperbola is,
Greater than one,
The common element,
In both cases,
Fixed single-pointed awareness,
Free from directed thought,
Of a straight line,
Is infinity.

444.    Divide this in half,
Then add one,
For seam allowance,
The same colour or pattern as the background,
With the,
Purity of equanimity,
In the equatorial plane,
A horizontal line this long,
Patterned so that its outline is hard to determine,
In an environment which is too dark,
Gives out,
Maximum amount of oxygen during daytime,
The ninth
Tenth elements.

445.    Into cover,
Be integrated,
Through which something is taken in,
A location,
The great forty,
As an implicit ninth aspect,
Of the path,
A line from one end straight down for,
About thirty degree,
Then connect,
The bottom of that line to the,
End of,
Your horizontal line,
You've made,
A tall, thin, right,
Not in a particular observer's,

446.    The fifth of those elements,
The second turning,
Ultimate ensemble,
So massive that,
Its escape velocity,
Exceeds the speed of light,
At the beginning,
Concerned with the integrals of functions,
Is that,
All structures that exist mathematically,
Exist also physically.

447.    An object,
With sufficient density that,
The force of gravity,
Prevents anything,
From escaping from,
Except through,
Quantum tunneling behaviour,
Is absolutely essential,
A dream, a lightning flash, or a cloud,
Fold it along,
The diagonal line,
And than cut it out,
Emitting or reflecting light,
Outside the wavelength range of,
Visible light.

448.    Namely,
Using csh and tcsh,
Describes from beginning,
Cut four of these,
From your cloth,
Two for the hood,
Two for the lining,
Bears a resemblance to,
A wide winged, long necked,
In graceful flight,
A supposedly inherited subconscious memory,
Light, heat, or other energy,
Falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month,
To use,
These shells,
Interactively to get,
Your work done faster.

449.    Published to his hearers,
A formal pledge or promise to do,
In a certain order,
The call is a mewling keow,
The third turning,
Humans cannot see,
On top another,
Right sides together
And sew together,
Along the long sides,
Having already in two treatises,
A ring with a flat bottom.

450.    It is,
A bronze disc of around,
Thirty centimeters diameter,
Patinated blue-green,
Mingling in concert,
And by their,
Terminal causality,
As the foundation of a,
Unitarian notion of nature,
Loosely described as,
Similar to a Mongolian race type,
With prominent noses,
Were the first tribe,
To introduce,
Stirr up to,

Thursday, June 5, 2014



The Zero Key,
Without knowledge or intention,
Hit the Zero Key,
Three times,
Tablet of God,
Be opened,
Ain Soph,
By holding,
By touching,
Round Table of Nalvage.

Twelfth tablet,
Has the feeling of an after thought,
Enkidu is once again,
To give a grim account,
Of The Afterlife,
This is also known as,
Proof by contradiction,
Pİ or not Pi,
Its quotient increases toward positive infinity,
That quotient increases toward negative infinity.

One which has no head,
And no sides,
Prepare yourselves,
Brave travelers,
For Siege Perilous,
Which was kept vacant,
Is an approach to mathematics,
As the constructive mental activity of,
Wings flutter,
Voices over ;
Bor’s Dilemma.

Chose the strange woman over his brother,
It is to do with,
How the sigils of the governors,
Are overlaid on the Great Table,
The Homeric Question,
Renowned for his gallantry and purity,
Bastard son of,
Fisher king,
But the life that will be,
Suspended by death,
The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Physical Record of the past.

The Orphan Lectures,
Left the dim of this dull hemisphere,
Whose glorious course through our horizon run,
In having called back the human mind,
From the wrong direction,
That I bade the sign,
And bring me word,
In the court of silent dreams,
But on the universal laws of life and motion,
Similia similibus curentur,
And hence to cure diseases,
Suspended midair.

To go blindly,
Choosing one weakened by disease,
Tending to fall off,
Many birds of preys such as,
Vultures, eagles, and buzzards,
But also storks,
Pass through areas such as,
Gibraltar, Falsterbo,
And The Bosphorus,
In every case without exception,
That disease,
Is always primarily a dynamical disturbance of the vital principle.

Body of offence,
A hormon-secreting structure,
That develops in an ovary,
After an ovum has beeen discharged,
But degenerates after a few days,
Pregrancy has begun,
An important quality or feature,
On which something is based,
A unit of capacity used by The Ancient Hebrews,
And whose approval renders him thrice blessed.

My Bretheren,
The muscular organ that maintains the,
Circulation of the blood,
Inherent in all living things,
Our indwelling rational spirit,
Attend in the court,
And outward rooms of the palace,
Life can come only previous life,
But these were so numerous,
Treated by minute doses of natural substances,
That in a healthy person would produce symptoms.

Giving realism last word,
An act or instance of placing two things,
Close together or side by side,
Reductio ad Hitlerum,
The Origin of The World,
The one or ones mentioned previously,
To bring forth,
Under ther exitement of the moment,
Has intuitively rather than logically connected,
The physician’s high and only mission,
Ideal of cure,
Rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the,
Seeping of serous, purulent, or bloody fluid,
Into a body cavity.

Rhapsody :
Singer with the wand,
Stitcher of verse,
In an eminent degree,
With shoulders drooping,
And a more tranquil audience,
Allowed him in the rapid movement of the,
Especial circumspection, tact, knowledge,
Caution in conducting the inquiry,
And patience,
Because all the phenomena,
And deviations from the health that has been,
Put recently lost are,
Still fresh in the memory.

Richest source of information,
Not the orator,
So far as we can see,
He was slouched alertly,
On the mirror phase,
Deranges the health of the human being,
And develops in him a morbid stage,
As manifesting itself at every subsequent,
Secondary action or the mere action of the,
Vital Force,
So far as we can see,
Without the visual presence of others,
The maturing process is delayed.

The Other,
Would be able to cope with any other human being,
In very few healthy bodies,
So-called idiosyncrasies,
Incontinent adults,
Restored following trauma or identity crisis,
And the capability of the vital force that animates the organisms,
To be influenced by it,
And all must be taken with a grain of salt,
Of names points represent line or line segments,
Is also used for,
Multiplication of,
Apt to faint from the smell of,

As we build,
Virtual reality modelling language,
Whether they are the reaction of the organism,
The Sun,
Walking without shoes and a coat in winter,
And the subsequent dose after removes,
The symptoms caused by the previous dose,
Execution judgement,
On sensetive persons,
For assistance,
Can turn into fertile eggs,
That are called by some,
Cynosura and uria,
Are produced chiefly in summer,
To insiuate the aforementioned,
Symptom will become apparent.

And special division,
Interim sensor system,
To have reconcile,
For assistance,
Nearly kills them all,
Preserve the living world,
Or lying the symptom is increased, diminished or removed,
And whether it returns on again,
Assuming the position in which,
It was first observed,
It was originally the feminine one,
May a suitable remedy for it be found,
If there be a sufficient number of medicine known,
With respect their positive action,
To choose from.

Of the previous remedy,
Which may have been employed,
In a single dose or in several succesive doses,
How relaxed is this figure?
In succesion,
Every succesive one being homœopathically chosen,
In consonance with the group of symptoms,
Remaining after the expiry of the action,
Of the previous remedy,
An implement passed from runner to runner,
Able to partake of and contribute to the,
Should be judicious, sure, efficcaous and radical,
Directed against the whole,
Must effect the annihilation,
And cure of the general malady,
By means internal remedies.

The philosopher,
To show the rest,
How little they really know,
The Seven Tablets of creation,
Then set they in their midst a garment,
Describes the divided line,
In order to be able to eluciate,
The most striking and peculiar symptoms,
All people make mistakes,
The physician and keeper must,
Always pretend to believe them,
To be, possessed of reason,
The bringer of purification,
Then another,
One more homœopathically related medicine,
Must be chosen in place of the last,
And administrated in the same repeated doses,
The waters which were under the firmament.