Friday, May 30, 2014

Rise again, begin again, take or put on again

21.    A structure protecting the pier of a bridge,
Abandon one's country or cause in favour of an opposing one,
Resist an attack on,
Protect from harm or danger,
The prevailing political or social order,
Especially when regarded as oppresive and intransigent,
A fused mouthpart forming the floor of the mouth of an insect,
Till the ground,
A student or pupil,
Denoting a molecule,
With two rings with one atom common to both,
Causing suspense,
To rise,
Solid base,
Having the same frequency and always in the same shape,
Or not having.

22.    Extending to a great height,
Almost perpendicular,
A thing that one learns to like over time,
The handle of a sword,  dagger, or knife,
Remain in the same place,
Each of two or more sections of a rocket or spacecraft,
That are jettisoned in turn when their propellant is exhausted,
Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployement,
And stagnant demand in a country's economy,
A small carnivorous bog plant,
With hinged leaves that spring shut on,
And digest insects which land on them,
Determine the course of events,
Rise again, begin again, take or put on again,
An action performed without conscious thought as a response,
To a stimulus.

23.    Recovering from an illness or medical treatment,
A person who runs an inn,
The faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively,
The process of transferring information to or from memory,
In which every memory location can be accessed directly,
Rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence,
In a satisfactory, sound, or normal state of condition,
A set of elements with two binary operations,
Addition and multiplication,
The second being distributive over the first and associative,
Erase a mark from a surface,
A piece of work,
By a craftsman accepted as qualification for membership of a, Guild,
As an acknowledged master,
The killing of someone,
Suffering from an incurable and painful disease.

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