Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crick, Watson and Anaxagoras


245.    Not mortal,
Each of the three persons of the Trinity,
The fact is more worthy of observation that,
The accumulation of fluid or blood,
In parts of the body or organs,
As occurs in cases of poor circulation or,
After death,
The total energy of the system stays the same,
There is no input or output of energy,
Just transferrence within,
The fluid said to flow like blood,
In the veins of the gods,
Give birth,
Sires, brothers, sons, in one,
All kindred blood,
Brides, mothers, wives, in one,
An expression of surprise,
A hypothesis that the seeds of life are,
Prevalent throughout the Universe,
And furthermore that life on Earth began by such seeds,
Landing on Earth and propagating,
Of relating to, or accompanied by,
A well-known atheist,
Professor Francis Harry Compton Crick,
With James D. Watson,
Proposed a spiral model,
The double helix,
For the molecular structure of DNA,
More than one,
It was he,
Brought philosophy and the spirit of scientific inquiry,
From Ionia to Athens,
Exactly the same,

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