Friday, May 30, 2014

Rise again, begin again, take or put on again

21.    A structure protecting the pier of a bridge,
Abandon one's country or cause in favour of an opposing one,
Resist an attack on,
Protect from harm or danger,
The prevailing political or social order,
Especially when regarded as oppresive and intransigent,
A fused mouthpart forming the floor of the mouth of an insect,
Till the ground,
A student or pupil,
Denoting a molecule,
With two rings with one atom common to both,
Causing suspense,
To rise,
Solid base,
Having the same frequency and always in the same shape,
Or not having.

22.    Extending to a great height,
Almost perpendicular,
A thing that one learns to like over time,
The handle of a sword,  dagger, or knife,
Remain in the same place,
Each of two or more sections of a rocket or spacecraft,
That are jettisoned in turn when their propellant is exhausted,
Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployement,
And stagnant demand in a country's economy,
A small carnivorous bog plant,
With hinged leaves that spring shut on,
And digest insects which land on them,
Determine the course of events,
Rise again, begin again, take or put on again,
An action performed without conscious thought as a response,
To a stimulus.

23.    Recovering from an illness or medical treatment,
A person who runs an inn,
The faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively,
The process of transferring information to or from memory,
In which every memory location can be accessed directly,
Rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence,
In a satisfactory, sound, or normal state of condition,
A set of elements with two binary operations,
Addition and multiplication,
The second being distributive over the first and associative,
Erase a mark from a surface,
A piece of work,
By a craftsman accepted as qualification for membership of a, Guild,
As an acknowledged master,
The killing of someone,
Suffering from an incurable and painful disease.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Edwin Powell Hubble

207.    The prosecution of a person,
Twice for the same offence,
Cause to feel annoyed or worried,
A horizontal stroke in writing, marking a pause or represent,
Ommited letters or words,
Showing no sign of life,
The displacement of the,
Spectrum to longer wavelengths in the light,
From distant celestial objects,
Moving away from the observer,
Bitterly regret and wish it undone,
A law stating that the speed of recession of a galaxy,
Is related to its distance by a constant factor,
Named after,
The American astronomer,
Edwin Powell Hubble.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Kurt Gödel

299.    The style of enunciation,
In speaking or singing,
Which evokes the full-moon,
And is covered with the hide of sacred,
Lunar bull,
By definition,
Is that than which a greater cannot be thought,
God exists in understanding,
God exist in understanding,
We could imagine,
To be greater by existing in reality,
God must exist,
The feature that,
The truth value of a complex sentence,
Is determined by the,
Truth values of its sub-sentences,
The system cannot be both consistent and complete,
The system is consistent,
Then the consistency of the axioms,
Cannot be proved,
Within the system,
Was a logician, mathematician, and philosopher of mathematics,
Kurt Gödel,
A member of,
Vienna Circle.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


297.    The age in I am,
Am I in age the,
The high in each at,
At each in high the,
But in poetry,
Claim that,
The simplest explanation would be,
Preferred over more complicated ones,
We are the only,
Species in our part of the,
That relies on,
Radio technology for communication,
If this sounds like hyperbole,
Anything about Fermi,
Is likely to sound,
Like hyperbole,
C.P. Snow, says about him.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

August Ferdinand Möbius

296.    Involving very close connection,
In combination,
Or working together with,
Innermost sheat,
A piece of long or complex discourse,
A degree of freedom,
Avaliable for movement,
In a space,
Far away in space,
Or time,
The notion of light around,
A rotating star,
A non-oriantable, two dimensional surface,
With only one side,
When immersed in three dimensional,
Euclidian space,
The function of the set of all positive integers,
Partially ordered by divisibility,
He was a descendant of Martin Luther,
August Ferdinand Möbius,
Was a german mathematician and,
Theoretical astronomer.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Shepherd Louis Pastor

288.    Of,
Relating to,
Or resembling sheep,
The pathogenic theory of disease,
Is a scientific theory,
That suggests that,
The instead of genetics being the,
Proximal cause of,
Many diseases that the environment plays a significant factor,
In the form of pathogen microorganism such as,
Bacteria or virus,
Chance favors the prepared mind,
Shepherd Louis Pastor,
Was a French microbiologist and chemist,
Respected, distinguished,
Demonstrated that,
The fermantation process,
Is caused by the growth of microorganisms,
And that,
The growth of microorganisms,
Is nutrient broths,
Is not due to spontaneous generation,
Is an evolutionary struggle between,
A predator species and its prey,
Including parasitsm,
Is said,
To resemble an,
Arms race.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jöns Jacob Berzelius and Joseph Louis Proust

283.    To slay,
Goliath beetle,
A plain figure,
With a specified number of,
Straight sides,
Attractive, excellent,
Or virtuous,
Jöns Jacob Berzelius,
Was a swedish chemist,
States that,
Inorganic substances are composed of,
Different elements,
In constant proportions,
By weight,
From this,
Inorganic chemical compounds were composed of atoms,
Combining in whole number amount's,
Impossible to imitiate,
The internal structure of,
The atom,
With a fixed ratio determining the,
In a pure compound,
The elements,
Combine in definite,
Proportions to each,
Was a chemist,
Joseph Louis Proust,
All else.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lysander Spooner

264.    Belief,
In the abolition of,
All government and the organization of society,
On a voluntary,
Cooperative basis,
Chief ruler,
Of little worth or value,
Reluctant, unwilling,
Causing hatred or disgust,
Lysander Spooner,
Was an American political philosopher, abolitionist,
And legal theorist of the,
The autonomy of the individual,
Most notably in regard to its advocacy,
Of private property rather than collective property,
Only avaliable for use in,
One part of a program,
The ability to move from one place to another,
A gene,
That cause itself to increase,
In frequency should become more,
Common in the population,
To forsake their labours,
Such as,
The right to take meals at public expense in the town hall.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Genrich Saulovich Altschuller

240.    Myth ;
Creativity can be easily developed, using the simple lateral thinking techniques,
Learning can be  achieved more powerfuly through subliminal techniques,
Used by,
Maltese Physician Edward De Bono,
Engage in inconsequential or,
Unproductive activity,
Force to move in a particular direction,
A thing that existed before,
Logically precedes another,
Into a position seemingly alien and unnatural,
A point representing the mean position of all matter,
In a body,
The doctrine that the morality of an action,
Is to be judged solely by its,
Affirming the consequent,
Genrich Saulovich Altschuller,
Believed that,
Problems stem from,
A thing that contributes extra features,
To something else,
So as to enchance or improve it,
A circular depiction of a snake,
Or dragon swallowing its tail,
Symbolizing wholeness or infinity.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor

198.    Callously or treacherously abandon,
The forceful insertion of a substance,
Under pressure,
A person who sings solo verses,
To which the choir or,
Congregation respond,
Without end,
Of, or related to,
Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor,
Was a mathematician,
Who was born in Russia,
And lived in Germany,
For most of,
His life,
And so on ad infinitum.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

John Nash

214.    Not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For dealing with,
Competitive situations,
Where the outcome of a participant's,
Choice of action,
Depends critically on the actions of,
Other participants,
Including many details,
Lie side by side,
Upon the same surface,
Meets the visions first,
And not only stands out,
But also seems far nearer,
Is a kind of,
Optimal strategy,
Where no one has,
Anything to gain by changing only his own strategy,
Named after John Nash,
As Ian Stewart put it ;
Rational decisions aren't sensible.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crick, Watson and Anaxagoras


245.    Not mortal,
Each of the three persons of the Trinity,
The fact is more worthy of observation that,
The accumulation of fluid or blood,
In parts of the body or organs,
As occurs in cases of poor circulation or,
After death,
The total energy of the system stays the same,
There is no input or output of energy,
Just transferrence within,
The fluid said to flow like blood,
In the veins of the gods,
Give birth,
Sires, brothers, sons, in one,
All kindred blood,
Brides, mothers, wives, in one,
An expression of surprise,
A hypothesis that the seeds of life are,
Prevalent throughout the Universe,
And furthermore that life on Earth began by such seeds,
Landing on Earth and propagating,
Of relating to, or accompanied by,
A well-known atheist,
Professor Francis Harry Compton Crick,
With James D. Watson,
Proposed a spiral model,
The double helix,
For the molecular structure of DNA,
More than one,
It was he,
Brought philosophy and the spirit of scientific inquiry,
From Ionia to Athens,
Exactly the same,

Friday, May 2, 2014

Albert Einstein

230.    Universe,
Seen as well-ordered whole,
Falls pointless,
And immediately loses all its fire.
A person,
Who is studying or has expert knowledge of,
One or more of the natural or physical sciences,
A genius,
From the name of the,
German-born physicist,
Albert Einstein,
The concepts of time,
And three dimensional space,
Regarded as fused in,
Four dimensional continuum,
Not specialized or limited,
The absence of standarts of absolute and,
Universal application,
Tightly together,
All observers to be equivalent,
Not only those moving at a uniform speed,
Gravity is no longer,
A force,
Is a consequence of the curvature of,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

249.    Come or go together,
An outstanding feature,
Or quality,
A mobile concentration of energy,
In a crystal formed by,
An excited electron,
And an associated hole ;
Hiding place,
Changing, diverse,
For each kind of particle,
There is an associated antiparticle,
With the same mass and spin,
Opposite electromagnetic,
And strong charges,
Not strictly necessary,
In case another component fails,
To spring or bounce back after hitting or colliding something,
Matter consisting elementary particles,
Which are antiparticles of those,
Making up normal matter,
Going from one place to another without changing direction or stopping,
In a natural way for the nature of particle and the,
Existence of antiparticles,
Take or hold,
A physicist who specialized in nuclear physics,
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac,
An ancient Egyptian gem in the form of scarab.

250.    Particulars which are combined,
From the plural,
Into the singular,
Is the stage of sleep,
During the most vivid dreams occur,
Apply tension to before manufacture,
Or use,
The magnitude of the electrostatic force,
Between two charges,
Is directly proportional to the,
Magnitude of the charges,
And inversely proportional to the,
Distances between charges,
Of or connected with the eyes or vision,
Covering the head,
To take the converse case,
In science,
One tries to tell people,
In such a way as to be understood by everyone,
Something that,
No one ever knew before,
In poetry,
Its the exact opposite,
To or at more advanced point or stage,
Smot hym on the hede with a nege tool,
Having a climbing habit,
The supposed communication of thoughts,
Or ideas,
By means other than the known senses,
The explanation of phenomena,
By the purpose they serve,
Rather than,
By postulated causes.