Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 C H O R U S :

The Shepherd,
During his life he has no house,
Sitting together,
Covenant with him was,
One of life and peace,
Was looked upon as exercising in,
All things,
Had reached the place of rations,
He saw life,
When he dies,
He lies,

 S H E P H E R D :

I shall utter no praise!

My Princess,
Goats shall feed the kids.

 S H A M A S H :

Every day he descents to the,
Underworld where he determines,
The fate of the dead.

 S H E P H E R D :

If he pours me,
His water-mixed date-wine,
I pour him,
The Farmer!
My plant-milk.

The mouth of the river,
The seed of all living creators,
Though being single,
Was also established as double,
More than I,
The Farmer!
What has be more than I ?
Unlike my friends,
I am single.

Let thy sheep eat the grass of the earth,
Le principe des monarchies est l'onneur,
Me parait incontestable,
Forming nouns,
Forming names,
States and disorders,
Genera and,
Higher groups.

I, The Shepherd!
Do not enter,
O! Farmer, as my friend!

 C H O R U S :

Masters of The Isles,
And had hoped,
To gain help to resecure,
His claim age,
One who sets,
Written material into type.

Strode around the courtyard,
To complete in,
Sweetest songs,
As a rule when we play the wit,
At first flows free.

 S H E P H E R D :
I, Hakim.
I, The Shepherd!
At my marriage,
Do not enter,
O! Farmer, as my friend!

 C H O R U S :

The Lady,
Smoothed down her dress,
Pushed back her hair,
Under her little felt hat,
Though being single,
Was also established as double,
Established the rations.

 B R I D E :

Wheat, I shall bring thee,
Beans, I shall bring thee,
Wife of your heart's desire,
Give me thus a companion.

Me, a slave girl!

I shall bring thee,
Beans of,
Whatever is pleasing to thee.

I will marry,
Is clothed in,

In my meadowland,
Let thy sheep pasture,
Eat grain,
Drink water,
Of my river.

 C H O R U S :

Ulum, Alam!
These are the last words.

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