Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The sea open

72.    The fifteenth letter of the alphabet,
Denoting the next after,
In a set of items,
The belief that,
Moral truths exist independently of human,
Knowledge or perception of them,
Blow air through in order to,
Remove chaff,
A complex system of beliefs,
The intrinsic rights and wrongs of a case,
A subatomic particle,
Intermediate in mass,
Between an electron and a proton,
That transmits the strong interaction,
Binding nucleons together,
An ancient Egyptian tomb,
Consisting of an underground,
Burial chamber,
With rooms above it.

73.    A concentration of denser material,
Below the surface of the moon,
Or other body,
Causing a local increase,
In gravitational pull,
A coherent body of matter,
With no definite shape,
Inflict a very defeat on,
The difference between the mass of an isotope,
And its mass number,
Representing binding energy,
Having no discernable form or structure,
A noun denoting something,
Which cannot be counted,
The total number of protons and neutrons,
In a nucleus.

74.    A long narrow crack,
A state of division or disagreement,
A reaction in which a heavy atomic nucleus,
Split in two,
Releasing much energy,
A thing used to hold or fasten something,
Not having any serious purpose or value,
Make a light,
High-pitched ringing sound,
As of glasses or coins,
Striking together,
Join or cause to join together,
To form a whole.

75.    In water,
Close to the edge of land,
An edge or border,
The sea open,
To all nations,
The maximum extent or magnitude,
Of a vibration or other oscillating phenomenon,
Measured from,
The equilibrum position,
Increase the volume of,
The angular distance,
Of a celestial object from the true east,
Or west point,
Of the horizon at rising or settings,
To bear,
A mythical serpent with a head at each end.

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