Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pleiades

Arcturus, Orion and,
Their own understanding,
The Pleiades,
Whom only one,
The Pleiades,
The symbol of,

Writes the author of,
The Secret Doctrine...

Aleph, ten, bull,
And the Pleiades,
Looks down from the eye of the,
At the great festival,
Completing its revolution,
And from the Pleiades,
With sweet influences,
The Pleiades,
She who hides,
In the pit,
In the pit.

Daughter of,
One of the pleiades,
Or Atlantides,
The sixth present,
The seventh,
Atlantides have become,
The seven,

Before that time,
It was considered to be seven sisters,
Consists of only two notes,
With its waves of blue,
It was identified,
As the eagle which carried,
The thunder bolts,
There are no plans,
To clean up the tailings,
Until it touches the celestial sphere,
Suggesting concern with space,
Harps were made of tortoise shell,
It was a rite of passage,
To learn to ride.

The Extreme Principle,
Each to count for one,
And none for more than one,
And where solar and lunar eclipses may occur,
The Dragon's head refers,
To the ascending node,
The Dragon's tail,
The descending node,
With each other,
Instead  of across the ladder,
Which orbits two stars,
Experiences no night,
But rather,
Eternal dusk.

Any two squares,
Are seperated by path of,
Adjacent squares,
That is how long,
Repetitions of any sequence,
Of any lenght,
On planet Alpha Lyra IV,
Never includes three,
Consecutive repetitions of any sequence,
Also known as dark light.

Curtains of light,
Resulting from high-energy electrons,
Racing along,
And was sent,
To carry The Shepherd,
On condition that,
He did not look at,
For the whole journey,
That is said to look like a,
Blue disc.

Misses this,
Then that,
Then the other,
Of the principle of,
Equality before the law,
Roundly it,
If there be other way,
For eight and forty hours only,
Only that,
For eight and forty hours,
Let me charter your ship,
And you shall do this thing~

An assignment of a quantity to every point of space,
Also called,
The obliquity of the ecliptic,
The Farmer,
Acquires the virtues of,
Also called,
As the Ring Nebula,
Contain the last vestige of,
Lyran DNA,
Who is tasked with curing,
In order to help them evolve~

Come to be tilted towards the Sun,
The first,
Being the first,
Day of May,
Messenger and Servant,
To Loosen, to Free, to Love,
A Star,
The Best,
For verily here,
All three things,
To hand all at once,
Which to choose,
Mirth and love,
And sweet sleep.

This I will declare to you exactly,
By this shaft of cornel wood,
People from the faraway islands,
While the direction of the tilt,
Gradually undergoes precession,
Cozens the tribes of mortal man,
The star you refer to is,
Of the constellation,

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