Friday, April 18, 2014

Pure wine

48. A small remaining quantity,
Abnormally present, but detectable only chemically,
Or microscopically,
A unit of heredity,
Which is transferred from a parent,
To offspring,
And is held to determine some characteristic,
Off the offspring,
Exeptional intellectual or creative power,
Or other natural ability,
A disciple or student of the Greek philosopher,
Who thought that pleasure,
Particularly mental pleasure,
Was the highest good,
In addition,
A person of a specified kind,
To cause  to exist,
A flight of steps leading down to river,
A level place on the edge of a river,
Where Hindus cremate their dead.

49.    Come to have or hold,
Placing before or in public view,
The green shot,
A song or poem celebrating a forthcoming wedding,
Fourth pour,
Demanding deep study or thought,
Before bottom,
Before sole,
The study or practice of fermantation,
In brewing,
Or distilling,
The movement of the tide out to sea,
Designed to be fired from one point,
On the ground or a vessel,
At another such point or vessel,
Pure wine,
That is above.

50.    Deviate from the furrow,
Rays of low penetrative power,
Consisting of slow electrons or,
Other particles ejected from atoms by the impact of,
Ionizing radiation,
The doctrine that,
Knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture,
Society, or historical context,
And are not absolute,
A description of matter, energy, space and time,
According to Einstein's theories,
Based on the importance of relative motion,
And the principle that the speed of light,
Is constant for all observers,
The raising of a siege on a town,
Referring to a fresh declaration of war,
A play with humorous or satirical tone,
In which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity,
Exist essentially or permanently,
Being part of a whole,
Worship that admits or tolerates all goods.

51.    Grape juice before or during fermantation,
A change in the structure of a gene resulting,
In a variant form which may be transmitted to,
Subsequent generations,
The doctrine that mutual dependence,
Is necessary to social well-being,
The production of an electromotive force,
In a circuit,
By a change in the current in an adjacent circuit,
Linked to the first,
By a magnetic field,
Put forward consideration,
The simultaneous occurence of events with no discernible,
Casual connection,
A  form of reasoning,
In which a conclusion is drawn from two given or assumed,
A common or middle term is present in the two,
Premises but not in the conclusion,
Which may be invalid.

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