Monday, April 7, 2014

The Gift of the Magi

Space by itself,
And time by itself,
Union of two will,
An independent reality,
Doomed to fade away into mere shadows,
Used to convert a particle's rest mass,
To its relativistic mass,
Are not seperated,
But intermingled,
In a four dimensional space,
Is a component frequency of the signal,
That is an integer multiple of the,
Fundamental frequency,
Fills in poles at,
Where an,
Is an,
In a homogenous space.

At a question which some,
Qualities of a sound,
That distinguished it from,
Other sounds of same pitch,
About the dead bull,
The time,
Envelope in terms of,
Rise, duration, and decay,
To an observer,
Will be seen to move in slow motion,
Given by multiplying its actual,
Elapsed time by,
On the future light cone.

Worth place,
On the past light cone,
The true unselfish love,
Within unprecedented structural status,
A star in the constellation Bo├Âtes,
The Guard,
Seginus, Segin, Ceginus,
Or HariS,
He was a ploughman who drove the oxen,
Its arms near the pole star,
But its body standing near the ecliptic,
The true Sun is not always exactly on the ecliptic,
It is therefore Mean Sun outlines its path,
Through the sky,
Lies in this plane,
Inside the future light cone.

Being non-linear differential equations,
To obtain an exact solution,
From a pressureless perfect dust,
And from a positive vacuum energy,
An inertial frame of reference,
Travels at a constant velocity,
A non-inertial frame of reference,
His oscillation,
The speed of light invariant,
Under the,
Linear transformation that preserves the,
Spacetime interval between any to events,
Inside the past light cone.

All other events,
Are in the Absolute Elsewhere of,
AN event,
And are those that can never be,
Affected by,
AN event,
*The Gift of the Magi,
Used in place of chain,
In which a dissembodied perception of motion,
Produced by a succession of still images,
The viewer also perceives,
Two distinct lines,
Such as they are,

Persistence of wisdom,
Brief moment of time,
With angle,
Due to the constant rate of rotation,
Atlas of Heavens,
Has traditional names,
Alkalurops, Clava, Inkalunis,
Icallus, Incalurus, Venabulum,
Not far enough to touch the base,
Lying in wait for the occupants,
And this star mu,
Is further away,
One hundred twenty light years from the Earth.

*In order that,
The rotations of heavens,
Should never cease,
Distant stars,
No named,
But have fully convective surfaces,
And interiors,
With no chemical differentation by depth,
Here is the Brown Dwarf,
Faster than light,
If and only if,
Is true in every,
Interpretation of the formula.

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