Sunday, April 6, 2014

Resound your marvelous exploits

Author's farewell to his readers,
Takes account of the fact that,
The extended real number line does not,
Constitute a field,
Because the value of expression,
Infinity minus infinity is left,
For the same way,
You judge others,
You will judged and the measure you use,
Will be measured you,
Based on the rubbish pit,
In the courtyard,
That had his name and job,
Title on it,
Steam rising from,
By forcing air through a narrow channel,
Made by placing two articulators,
Close together,
In good and in king,
Such as the veil of the brain.

Abounding in all wisdom,
He has exceeding strong,
As is more distinctly explained,
In the last note,
Mira gestorum,
Resound your marvelous exploits,
Cognito ergo sum,
An accurate and faithful guide,
A remarkable variable star in the,
Constellation Cetus,
A semi-transparent mirror used for teaching geometry,
Meaning wonderful.

Substances belonging to the,
Animal and vegetable kingdoms,
Possess their medicinal qualities,
Most perfectly in their raw state,
Others, the error of their own degradation,
So that enzyms present in human saliva,
Can break down the starch,
Into fermentable sugars,
Then nailed the period down to,
Threehundredthirtythree days,
Possesses but,
A very moderate desire for,
Sexual intercourse,
A waiting place,
With the smaller volume of the dose,
But few nerves of the living organism,
Can be touched.

The perception of the frequency,
Have made it a truly mischievous art,
Therefore disease considered,
As it is by the allopathists,
As a thing seperate from the living whole,
Need to standardized pitch,
To know when,
The sun-god on the foundation of heaven,
So that these your servants may,
With all their voices,
Resound your marvelous exploits,
Clean the guilt from,
Our stained lips,
Represents a missed deed that hides,
A subconscious desire,
From the organism and its animating vital force,
And hidden in the interior,
To flow or slip downward,

Core meaning of a story,
Was known as the central one,
And was known as the star of Ta Netjeru,
Made the complete course to end of the Sunset Land,
This sign,
The Ankh,
Requiscat in pace,
The lone couch of his everlasting sleep,
Without a grave-unknell'd, uncoffin'd, and unknown,
In the dark union of insensate dust,
In a certain condition,
The deep cold shadow of the tomb,
Teach each.

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