Saturday, April 5, 2014

Leave the shell, And take the kernel

*There are no fixed rules,
An optical instrument for use,
Given to the virtue of truthfullness,
Love truth more,
When Saturn,
Has watched his own beauty,
In the,
Mirror of Mars,
That forms images by reflecting light,
Know even as also~

Leave the shell,
And take the kernel,
Purge it thrice by fire,
In accordance with,
The major world,
Chaos is called Air,
Having five,
Blue or white stars,
Harmonious our air,
As the seperator of water.

The state of,
Actually existing objectively,
Line spacers, ~(f.a.c.e)
Islands on lake,
Two peaks,
Father Earth,
Mother Earth~

And the independence of the spacer,
And its hostility to the Mother Planet,
On the basis of understanding,
But of a verity,
Venus looking glass.~(f.a.c.e)

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