Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gain or loss

214.    Not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For dealing with,
Competitive situations,
Where the outcome of a participant's,
Choice of action,
Depends critically on the actions of,
Other participants,
Including many details,
Lie side by side,
Upon the same surface,
Meets the visions first,
And not only stands out,
But also seems far nearer,
Is a kind of,
Optimal strategy,
Where no one has,
Anything to gain by changing only his own strategy,
Named after John Nash,
As Ian Stewart put it ;
Rational decisions aren't sensible.

215.    For just as all dim lights,
Are extinguished,
In the blaze of the sun,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For optimal decision-making,
Between options,
Involving different risks or,
Expectations of,
Gain or loss,
Depending on the outcome,
Gradually grow faint and disappear,
A charity sale,
At which people donate things,
To sell and buy those,
Brought by others,
A travesty of the,
Roman Catholic mass,
In worship of the Devil.

216.    If thus,
Having the same magnitude,
Or properties,
When measured in different directions,
Denoting a gate circuit,
Which produces an output signals,
Unless there are signals on all of its inputs,
Forming connections between other neurons,
Obtain data or information automatically from,
A hypotetical perfect absorber,
And radiator of energy,
With no reflecting power.
Time pass pleasently,
The displacement of the spectrum,
To shorter wavelengths in the light,
Coming from distant celestial objects,
Moving towards the observer,
Soft, muted.

217.    A thinking or feeling entity,
On a momentary impulse,
Juncture, reason,
Is a hypotetical form of energy,
Postulated to exist as a possible explanation,
Of observations of,
An accelerating universe,
Lack of bias, honesty,
The great stream encircling the earth disc.

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