Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Euler Leonhard and Bertrand Arthur William Russel

209.    A star that,
Undergoes a catastrophic explosion,
Becoming suddenly very much brighter,
Mute in colour,
The brightness of a star,
As represented by a number,
On a logarithmic scale,
A state which,
Is in its correct place,
Not capable of being algebraical operations of addition,
Multiplication, and involution,
Or inverse operations,
Always right or accurate,
The class of scale or magnitude of,
Any amount,
Where each class contains,
Values of a fixed ratio,
To the class,
Preceeding it,
In formulae,
Is usually only matter of,
Convention and normalization.

210.    You are speaking of the defeat,
Which has attended your administration,
And yet,
You swear by victories,
A person skilled in mathematics,
Euler Leonhard,
He is our master in,
Find a numerical expression,
Or equivalent for,
The theory or belief that,
God does not exist,
A type of furnace used by alchemists,
Leave out or exclude,
The set of all sets that do not contain themselves as members,
Is a paradox discovered by,
Bertrand Arthur William Russel, Third Earl Russel,
Petty, trivial.

211.    Carry on with,
A thing that retains its identity,
Even though its states and relations may change,
A person with many talents,
Or interests,
Especially in the humanities,
Feel bitterness,
Or indignation at,
The cunning use of,
Figures is peculiarly subject to,
Suspicion of,
General relativity theory,
Which corrects and extends,
Newtonian gravitation,
Especially at the macroscopic level of stars or planets.
A ruler,
Who exercises absolute power,
Especially in actuel or oppresive way,
A hypotetical particle,
Representing a quantum of gravitional energy,
Lie in wait,
A request,
Made in an urgent and emotional manner.

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