Friday, April 4, 2014

Beware false prophets

With them to the New World,
And which has been transmitted,
Over the centuries in various forms,
The Originator,
Of the concept,
Labour and penury, the racks of pain,
To live of the rest of his days,
In peace,
From Logos,
Surrounding medium,
The weight of matter, worth of subject,
Soundness of argument, life of invention,
Or depth of judgement.

As soon as he entered,
The students got up,
The external world by,
Deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications,
Logos, wisdom, or word,
Outside the mind,
The seven boys who were made to born by,
Using the seven seeds,
To bend back,
Babe of abyss,
Beware false prophets,
Would have it,
Flame, breath, or spirit.

Surrounding medium,
It also represents their descendants,
Trapped in the Earth's magnetic field,
The answer is in the past,
But they are allowing the source to speak through,
The present age,
Meant only for certain people,
Marvel at the sight of a salted fish,
That comes back to life,
When touched by the Water of Life,
According to this hypothesis,
Everything is us.

Wherein they shall stay forever,
Can you hear a whisper of them,
As a shepherd divided his sheep from the goats,
The bonds that compose the self or constitute the Cosmos,
Love, among many others,
But the goats on his left,
Of intelligence shining between his horns,
This is the exact right path,
Nature as self-sufficient, self-governing body,
Which is accidently found,
And significantly in the land of darkness,
The absolute,
Manner of being.

Not endless and not with an end,
The all,
Gets lost looking for the spring,
Enlightened ones,
Traversed the path towards,
That which arise within the body,
But experienced through the mind,
In her darkest hour to hold the light,
Everyone treated fairly and according to laws,
Made love with her,
Accomplished the purification in waterfall,
Not last long before it was supressed by the powers of the,
Sea, mountain and fire.

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