Friday, April 11, 2014

And views the mountain lair

The hermit seer,
My days shall end in woe,
Within the wilds,
My happiness is mine,
No other joys I seek,
My god divine,
I would upon these rocks,
Lie down to die,
Upon my back here,
Sleep eternally.

The hermit cries,
I know thee not!
But all in vain his calls ring on the air,
The mounting wearly his steed,
He turns away,
And views the mountain lair,
No empty honors do I seek,
Which void,
Of all true happiness,
All men have cloyed,
Return then,
To thy haunts of pleasure, pain,
For thy king's embassy is all in vain.

A massive body of plasma in outer space,
That is currently producing or has produced energy,
Through nuclear fussion,
Of the reheated with declamation,
For the hermit send,
Before a cave within the wild,
That walked subdued beside the,
A thing of beauty of some mystic dream,
Comes to me with bragrant breath,
At last,
It slinks away within the gloom,
And sent me to thee,
Bring thee,
And now with thee to Erech,
I will go.

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