Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Niels Bohr

222.    Anyone,
Who is not shocked,
By the quantum theory,
Has not understood a single word.
Newly converted to,
And very enthusiastic about,
A physical model that,
Depicts the atom as,
A small positively charged nucleus,
Surrounded by electrons in,
Orbit at different levels,
Similar in structure to the,
Solar system,
Named after the,
Danish physicist Niels Bohr.
Comparable in certain respects,
In the middle of,
A idiosyncratic belief or impression,
That is not in accordance with,
A generally accepted reality,
The doctrine that,
All events,
And actions are,
Ultimately determined by,
Causes regarded as external,
To the will,
A narrow, secluded valley,
Turn in a circle,
Energy cannot be created or,
Only modified in,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Euler Leonhard and Bertrand Arthur William Russel

209.    A star that,
Undergoes a catastrophic explosion,
Becoming suddenly very much brighter,
Mute in colour,
The brightness of a star,
As represented by a number,
On a logarithmic scale,
A state which,
Is in its correct place,
Not capable of being algebraical operations of addition,
Multiplication, and involution,
Or inverse operations,
Always right or accurate,
The class of scale or magnitude of,
Any amount,
Where each class contains,
Values of a fixed ratio,
To the class,
Preceeding it,
In formulae,
Is usually only matter of,
Convention and normalization.

210.    You are speaking of the defeat,
Which has attended your administration,
And yet,
You swear by victories,
A person skilled in mathematics,
Euler Leonhard,
He is our master in,
Find a numerical expression,
Or equivalent for,
The theory or belief that,
God does not exist,
A type of furnace used by alchemists,
Leave out or exclude,
The set of all sets that do not contain themselves as members,
Is a paradox discovered by,
Bertrand Arthur William Russel, Third Earl Russel,
Petty, trivial.

211.    Carry on with,
A thing that retains its identity,
Even though its states and relations may change,
A person with many talents,
Or interests,
Especially in the humanities,
Feel bitterness,
Or indignation at,
The cunning use of,
Figures is peculiarly subject to,
Suspicion of,
General relativity theory,
Which corrects and extends,
Newtonian gravitation,
Especially at the macroscopic level of stars or planets.
A ruler,
Who exercises absolute power,
Especially in actuel or oppresive way,
A hypotetical particle,
Representing a quantum of gravitional energy,
Lie in wait,
A request,
Made in an urgent and emotional manner.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Last Will

Orphan's Kaddish;
The wonder of the age,
Toward the end of his life,
Account for his belief in miracles,
His anxiety for correct observance,
Most of the rest of the work was,
Of secular sciences,
The whole ritual,
Was of a mild and peace-loving character,
France and the west of Germany,
Augment the murderous din,
The Mourner's Kaddish.

'The Royal game,
Through and through,
Which means,
'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All,

As with butterfly,
For butter and fly,
As used to sign,
Blue and blew~
A bunch of small bubbles flew,
Life and Light~
'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All.(f.)

It sa sign of beauty,

Used as the instrument in a,
Who hold beneficial or equitable,
Totus Tuus ego sum,
Suit the action to the word,
The word to the action,
These two trades,
However have been stopped by law,
The devil river,
Testament of Beta,
Last will and,

This law,
Is also known as,
The harmonic law,
Has the same value for all planets,
In the solar system,
Due to natural events and hostile,
And the only place,
In the Universe,
O ma lyre immortelle.

Moor in a harbor,
Give a refuge or shelter,
The Dolphin then inquired,
If he knew the,
Node after one of the two sides,
That planet,
Classified as both a comet and,

That turned into quail,
To escape from Jupiter,
Became the island of the same name,
Their tears,
Fell into the river Eridanos,
Children of the Sun,
One source,
Were three, were five,
The fourth or sixth,
To his death,
Accros the sky.

Desert love,
The river,
Meaning hair of the head,
Symbol B,
By a tide,
Rushing up a narrow estuary,
And Tempel!
Will you love me again?

Was found with a four refractory at,
Amici I,
With the smaller Amici II,
Temple and the publisher,
Engaged on the observatory,
The tower of the Rooster,
In Arcetri.

Undue Influence,
In that case it would be,
As a testator's loss of free agency,
Challenge in probate law,
But there is evidence that the,
Power was unbalanced,
After death,
Of the sixteenth until the end month,
Indicates his class,
My Son,
Receive excellent music instruction?

The first spring day,
Shadows of all the trees,
Call it,
The beginning and the end,
Truth functionally,
The End of Eternity,
Nova Sol,
They live,
Nag Al Na Rad Res.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 C H O R U S :

The Shepherd,
During his life he has no house,
Sitting together,
Covenant with him was,
One of life and peace,
Was looked upon as exercising in,
All things,
Had reached the place of rations,
He saw life,
When he dies,
He lies,

 S H E P H E R D :

I shall utter no praise!

My Princess,
Goats shall feed the kids.

 S H A M A S H :

Every day he descents to the,
Underworld where he determines,
The fate of the dead.

 S H E P H E R D :

If he pours me,
His water-mixed date-wine,
I pour him,
The Farmer!
My plant-milk.

The mouth of the river,
The seed of all living creators,
Though being single,
Was also established as double,
More than I,
The Farmer!
What has be more than I ?
Unlike my friends,
I am single.

Let thy sheep eat the grass of the earth,
Le principe des monarchies est l'onneur,
Me parait incontestable,
Forming nouns,
Forming names,
States and disorders,
Genera and,
Higher groups.

I, The Shepherd!
Do not enter,
O! Farmer, as my friend!

 C H O R U S :

Masters of The Isles,
And had hoped,
To gain help to resecure,
His claim age,
One who sets,
Written material into type.

Strode around the courtyard,
To complete in,
Sweetest songs,
As a rule when we play the wit,
At first flows free.

 S H E P H E R D :
I, Hakim.
I, The Shepherd!
At my marriage,
Do not enter,
O! Farmer, as my friend!

 C H O R U S :

The Lady,
Smoothed down her dress,
Pushed back her hair,
Under her little felt hat,
Though being single,
Was also established as double,
Established the rations.

 B R I D E :

Wheat, I shall bring thee,
Beans, I shall bring thee,
Wife of your heart's desire,
Give me thus a companion.

Me, a slave girl!

I shall bring thee,
Beans of,
Whatever is pleasing to thee.

I will marry,
Is clothed in,

In my meadowland,
Let thy sheep pasture,
Eat grain,
Drink water,
Of my river.

 C H O R U S :

Ulum, Alam!
These are the last words.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pleiades

Arcturus, Orion and,
Their own understanding,
The Pleiades,
Whom only one,
The Pleiades,
The symbol of,

Writes the author of,
The Secret Doctrine...

Aleph, ten, bull,
And the Pleiades,
Looks down from the eye of the,
At the great festival,
Completing its revolution,
And from the Pleiades,
With sweet influences,
The Pleiades,
She who hides,
In the pit,
In the pit.

Daughter of,
One of the pleiades,
Or Atlantides,
The sixth present,
The seventh,
Atlantides have become,
The seven,

Before that time,
It was considered to be seven sisters,
Consists of only two notes,
With its waves of blue,
It was identified,
As the eagle which carried,
The thunder bolts,
There are no plans,
To clean up the tailings,
Until it touches the celestial sphere,
Suggesting concern with space,
Harps were made of tortoise shell,
It was a rite of passage,
To learn to ride.

The Extreme Principle,
Each to count for one,
And none for more than one,
And where solar and lunar eclipses may occur,
The Dragon's head refers,
To the ascending node,
The Dragon's tail,
The descending node,
With each other,
Instead  of across the ladder,
Which orbits two stars,
Experiences no night,
But rather,
Eternal dusk.

Any two squares,
Are seperated by path of,
Adjacent squares,
That is how long,
Repetitions of any sequence,
Of any lenght,
On planet Alpha Lyra IV,
Never includes three,
Consecutive repetitions of any sequence,
Also known as dark light.

Curtains of light,
Resulting from high-energy electrons,
Racing along,
And was sent,
To carry The Shepherd,
On condition that,
He did not look at,
For the whole journey,
That is said to look like a,
Blue disc.

Misses this,
Then that,
Then the other,
Of the principle of,
Equality before the law,
Roundly it,
If there be other way,
For eight and forty hours only,
Only that,
For eight and forty hours,
Let me charter your ship,
And you shall do this thing~

An assignment of a quantity to every point of space,
Also called,
The obliquity of the ecliptic,
The Farmer,
Acquires the virtues of,
Also called,
As the Ring Nebula,
Contain the last vestige of,
Lyran DNA,
Who is tasked with curing,
In order to help them evolve~

Come to be tilted towards the Sun,
The first,
Being the first,
Day of May,
Messenger and Servant,
To Loosen, to Free, to Love,
A Star,
The Best,
For verily here,
All three things,
To hand all at once,
Which to choose,
Mirth and love,
And sweet sleep.

This I will declare to you exactly,
By this shaft of cornel wood,
People from the faraway islands,
While the direction of the tilt,
Gradually undergoes precession,
Cozens the tribes of mortal man,
The star you refer to is,
Of the constellation,

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The soul-seed containing within it,
The essence of entire cosmos,
Arises out of the base,
Old renews,
Because water is its source,
Like the spring,
And residence in same sphere,
As the deity.

I approach for refuge,
By words,
The Sun,
Is it not enough,
The poison was placed,
Not swalloved,
Nor spat out,
Blazes fiercelly,
By the fatique of following,
Which is auspicious.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


It is often considered as a point in space-time,
But may also viewed as a duration,
Where in one's perceptions are,
Considered to be in,
Over and above,
The mind,
Even if something could be known about it,
Knowledge about it,
Can't be communicated to others,
Living in the present moment.

Gnothi seauthon,
Look twice before you leap,
With handle,
To bite, chew on, or erode with the teeth,
Diminish gradually as if by gnawing,
The I,
The self,
The oval,
Become ground down,
Fall in decay,
Nosce te ipsum.

Mirrors were often made in the shape of an,
The ability to form or understand,
The entity,
Formed by the union of,
A simple idea,
A glory, or aureole,
Of oval shapes,
Opening and closing in multiple folds,
Which share with the same center,
To whom may in concern.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pure wine

48. A small remaining quantity,
Abnormally present, but detectable only chemically,
Or microscopically,
A unit of heredity,
Which is transferred from a parent,
To offspring,
And is held to determine some characteristic,
Off the offspring,
Exeptional intellectual or creative power,
Or other natural ability,
A disciple or student of the Greek philosopher,
Who thought that pleasure,
Particularly mental pleasure,
Was the highest good,
In addition,
A person of a specified kind,
To cause  to exist,
A flight of steps leading down to river,
A level place on the edge of a river,
Where Hindus cremate their dead.

49.    Come to have or hold,
Placing before or in public view,
The green shot,
A song or poem celebrating a forthcoming wedding,
Fourth pour,
Demanding deep study or thought,
Before bottom,
Before sole,
The study or practice of fermantation,
In brewing,
Or distilling,
The movement of the tide out to sea,
Designed to be fired from one point,
On the ground or a vessel,
At another such point or vessel,
Pure wine,
That is above.

50.    Deviate from the furrow,
Rays of low penetrative power,
Consisting of slow electrons or,
Other particles ejected from atoms by the impact of,
Ionizing radiation,
The doctrine that,
Knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture,
Society, or historical context,
And are not absolute,
A description of matter, energy, space and time,
According to Einstein's theories,
Based on the importance of relative motion,
And the principle that the speed of light,
Is constant for all observers,
The raising of a siege on a town,
Referring to a fresh declaration of war,
A play with humorous or satirical tone,
In which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity,
Exist essentially or permanently,
Being part of a whole,
Worship that admits or tolerates all goods.

51.    Grape juice before or during fermantation,
A change in the structure of a gene resulting,
In a variant form which may be transmitted to,
Subsequent generations,
The doctrine that mutual dependence,
Is necessary to social well-being,
The production of an electromotive force,
In a circuit,
By a change in the current in an adjacent circuit,
Linked to the first,
By a magnetic field,
Put forward consideration,
The simultaneous occurence of events with no discernible,
Casual connection,
A  form of reasoning,
In which a conclusion is drawn from two given or assumed,
A common or middle term is present in the two,
Premises but not in the conclusion,
Which may be invalid.

Friday, April 11, 2014

And views the mountain lair

The hermit seer,
My days shall end in woe,
Within the wilds,
My happiness is mine,
No other joys I seek,
My god divine,
I would upon these rocks,
Lie down to die,
Upon my back here,
Sleep eternally.

The hermit cries,
I know thee not!
But all in vain his calls ring on the air,
The mounting wearly his steed,
He turns away,
And views the mountain lair,
No empty honors do I seek,
Which void,
Of all true happiness,
All men have cloyed,
Return then,
To thy haunts of pleasure, pain,
For thy king's embassy is all in vain.

A massive body of plasma in outer space,
That is currently producing or has produced energy,
Through nuclear fussion,
Of the reheated with declamation,
For the hermit send,
Before a cave within the wild,
That walked subdued beside the,
A thing of beauty of some mystic dream,
Comes to me with bragrant breath,
At last,
It slinks away within the gloom,
And sent me to thee,
Bring thee,
And now with thee to Erech,
I will go.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A single star

One of the maids,
Falls in love with,
The wind birds of heaven,
The lovers,
Softly chant and dance around,
To cymbals, lyres until,
The rock resound,
My hips are burning for a kiss,
My love!
O'er her brow there glows,
A single star,
Queen Ishtar.

Thou fool and dog,
Wood or grove,
Or a forest,
The god of darkness and sleep,
He is supposed to have been,
The viceroy of Khumbaba,
The darkening one,
We have given the mountains of,
The divine bird of the storm-cloud,
Mountain range of Zu,
Spirits of papyri, or reeds,
Of fate and death.

Storms and hurricanes,
Thou fool and dog,
Wood or grove,
Or a forest,
And spells and witchcraft,
The gate-keeper of the thunder,
The god who stole the tablets of heaven,
The divine bird of the storm-cloud,
The seven wicked spirits,
In the form of men,
With faces of ravens,
Openers of the gates.

Entered late,
The king returns,
The strength of,
Chief disarmed now slunk away surprised,
Where you came,
I mill send thy body down,
This stream,
To yor waiting boat,
Amen and Amen and Amen,
God of ocean, the earth surface, brightness,
The abyss,
And chief protector of men,
He that shows favor,
Remember us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The sea open

72.    The fifteenth letter of the alphabet,
Denoting the next after,
In a set of items,
The belief that,
Moral truths exist independently of human,
Knowledge or perception of them,
Blow air through in order to,
Remove chaff,
A complex system of beliefs,
The intrinsic rights and wrongs of a case,
A subatomic particle,
Intermediate in mass,
Between an electron and a proton,
That transmits the strong interaction,
Binding nucleons together,
An ancient Egyptian tomb,
Consisting of an underground,
Burial chamber,
With rooms above it.

73.    A concentration of denser material,
Below the surface of the moon,
Or other body,
Causing a local increase,
In gravitational pull,
A coherent body of matter,
With no definite shape,
Inflict a very defeat on,
The difference between the mass of an isotope,
And its mass number,
Representing binding energy,
Having no discernable form or structure,
A noun denoting something,
Which cannot be counted,
The total number of protons and neutrons,
In a nucleus.

74.    A long narrow crack,
A state of division or disagreement,
A reaction in which a heavy atomic nucleus,
Split in two,
Releasing much energy,
A thing used to hold or fasten something,
Not having any serious purpose or value,
Make a light,
High-pitched ringing sound,
As of glasses or coins,
Striking together,
Join or cause to join together,
To form a whole.

75.    In water,
Close to the edge of land,
An edge or border,
The sea open,
To all nations,
The maximum extent or magnitude,
Of a vibration or other oscillating phenomenon,
Measured from,
The equilibrum position,
Increase the volume of,
The angular distance,
Of a celestial object from the true east,
Or west point,
Of the horizon at rising or settings,
To bear,
A mythical serpent with a head at each end.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gain or loss

214.    Not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For dealing with,
Competitive situations,
Where the outcome of a participant's,
Choice of action,
Depends critically on the actions of,
Other participants,
Including many details,
Lie side by side,
Upon the same surface,
Meets the visions first,
And not only stands out,
But also seems far nearer,
Is a kind of,
Optimal strategy,
Where no one has,
Anything to gain by changing only his own strategy,
Named after John Nash,
As Ian Stewart put it ;
Rational decisions aren't sensible.

215.    For just as all dim lights,
Are extinguished,
In the blaze of the sun,
The mathematical study of strategies,
For optimal decision-making,
Between options,
Involving different risks or,
Expectations of,
Gain or loss,
Depending on the outcome,
Gradually grow faint and disappear,
A charity sale,
At which people donate things,
To sell and buy those,
Brought by others,
A travesty of the,
Roman Catholic mass,
In worship of the Devil.

216.    If thus,
Having the same magnitude,
Or properties,
When measured in different directions,
Denoting a gate circuit,
Which produces an output signals,
Unless there are signals on all of its inputs,
Forming connections between other neurons,
Obtain data or information automatically from,
A hypotetical perfect absorber,
And radiator of energy,
With no reflecting power.
Time pass pleasently,
The displacement of the spectrum,
To shorter wavelengths in the light,
Coming from distant celestial objects,
Moving towards the observer,
Soft, muted.

217.    A thinking or feeling entity,
On a momentary impulse,
Juncture, reason,
Is a hypotetical form of energy,
Postulated to exist as a possible explanation,
Of observations of,
An accelerating universe,
Lack of bias, honesty,
The great stream encircling the earth disc.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Gift of the Magi

Space by itself,
And time by itself,
Union of two will,
An independent reality,
Doomed to fade away into mere shadows,
Used to convert a particle's rest mass,
To its relativistic mass,
Are not seperated,
But intermingled,
In a four dimensional space,
Is a component frequency of the signal,
That is an integer multiple of the,
Fundamental frequency,
Fills in poles at,
Where an,
Is an,
In a homogenous space.

At a question which some,
Qualities of a sound,
That distinguished it from,
Other sounds of same pitch,
About the dead bull,
The time,
Envelope in terms of,
Rise, duration, and decay,
To an observer,
Will be seen to move in slow motion,
Given by multiplying its actual,
Elapsed time by,
On the future light cone.

Worth place,
On the past light cone,
The true unselfish love,
Within unprecedented structural status,
A star in the constellation Bo├Âtes,
The Guard,
Seginus, Segin, Ceginus,
Or HariS,
He was a ploughman who drove the oxen,
Its arms near the pole star,
But its body standing near the ecliptic,
The true Sun is not always exactly on the ecliptic,
It is therefore Mean Sun outlines its path,
Through the sky,
Lies in this plane,
Inside the future light cone.

Being non-linear differential equations,
To obtain an exact solution,
From a pressureless perfect dust,
And from a positive vacuum energy,
An inertial frame of reference,
Travels at a constant velocity,
A non-inertial frame of reference,
His oscillation,
The speed of light invariant,
Under the,
Linear transformation that preserves the,
Spacetime interval between any to events,
Inside the past light cone.

All other events,
Are in the Absolute Elsewhere of,
AN event,
And are those that can never be,
Affected by,
AN event,
*The Gift of the Magi,
Used in place of chain,
In which a dissembodied perception of motion,
Produced by a succession of still images,
The viewer also perceives,
Two distinct lines,
Such as they are,

Persistence of wisdom,
Brief moment of time,
With angle,
Due to the constant rate of rotation,
Atlas of Heavens,
Has traditional names,
Alkalurops, Clava, Inkalunis,
Icallus, Incalurus, Venabulum,
Not far enough to touch the base,
Lying in wait for the occupants,
And this star mu,
Is further away,
One hundred twenty light years from the Earth.

*In order that,
The rotations of heavens,
Should never cease,
Distant stars,
No named,
But have fully convective surfaces,
And interiors,
With no chemical differentation by depth,
Here is the Brown Dwarf,
Faster than light,
If and only if,
Is true in every,
Interpretation of the formula.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Resound your marvelous exploits

Author's farewell to his readers,
Takes account of the fact that,
The extended real number line does not,
Constitute a field,
Because the value of expression,
Infinity minus infinity is left,
For the same way,
You judge others,
You will judged and the measure you use,
Will be measured you,
Based on the rubbish pit,
In the courtyard,
That had his name and job,
Title on it,
Steam rising from,
By forcing air through a narrow channel,
Made by placing two articulators,
Close together,
In good and in king,
Such as the veil of the brain.

Abounding in all wisdom,
He has exceeding strong,
As is more distinctly explained,
In the last note,
Mira gestorum,
Resound your marvelous exploits,
Cognito ergo sum,
An accurate and faithful guide,
A remarkable variable star in the,
Constellation Cetus,
A semi-transparent mirror used for teaching geometry,
Meaning wonderful.

Substances belonging to the,
Animal and vegetable kingdoms,
Possess their medicinal qualities,
Most perfectly in their raw state,
Others, the error of their own degradation,
So that enzyms present in human saliva,
Can break down the starch,
Into fermentable sugars,
Then nailed the period down to,
Threehundredthirtythree days,
Possesses but,
A very moderate desire for,
Sexual intercourse,
A waiting place,
With the smaller volume of the dose,
But few nerves of the living organism,
Can be touched.

The perception of the frequency,
Have made it a truly mischievous art,
Therefore disease considered,
As it is by the allopathists,
As a thing seperate from the living whole,
Need to standardized pitch,
To know when,
The sun-god on the foundation of heaven,
So that these your servants may,
With all their voices,
Resound your marvelous exploits,
Clean the guilt from,
Our stained lips,
Represents a missed deed that hides,
A subconscious desire,
From the organism and its animating vital force,
And hidden in the interior,
To flow or slip downward,

Core meaning of a story,
Was known as the central one,
And was known as the star of Ta Netjeru,
Made the complete course to end of the Sunset Land,
This sign,
The Ankh,
Requiscat in pace,
The lone couch of his everlasting sleep,
Without a grave-unknell'd, uncoffin'd, and unknown,
In the dark union of insensate dust,
In a certain condition,
The deep cold shadow of the tomb,
Teach each.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Leave the shell, And take the kernel

*There are no fixed rules,
An optical instrument for use,
Given to the virtue of truthfullness,
Love truth more,
When Saturn,
Has watched his own beauty,
In the,
Mirror of Mars,
That forms images by reflecting light,
Know even as also~

Leave the shell,
And take the kernel,
Purge it thrice by fire,
In accordance with,
The major world,
Chaos is called Air,
Having five,
Blue or white stars,
Harmonious our air,
As the seperator of water.

The state of,
Actually existing objectively,
Line spacers, ~(f.a.c.e)
Islands on lake,
Two peaks,
Father Earth,
Mother Earth~

And the independence of the spacer,
And its hostility to the Mother Planet,
On the basis of understanding,
But of a verity,
Venus looking glass.~(f.a.c.e)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Beware false prophets

With them to the New World,
And which has been transmitted,
Over the centuries in various forms,
The Originator,
Of the concept,
Labour and penury, the racks of pain,
To live of the rest of his days,
In peace,
From Logos,
Surrounding medium,
The weight of matter, worth of subject,
Soundness of argument, life of invention,
Or depth of judgement.

As soon as he entered,
The students got up,
The external world by,
Deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications,
Logos, wisdom, or word,
Outside the mind,
The seven boys who were made to born by,
Using the seven seeds,
To bend back,
Babe of abyss,
Beware false prophets,
Would have it,
Flame, breath, or spirit.

Surrounding medium,
It also represents their descendants,
Trapped in the Earth's magnetic field,
The answer is in the past,
But they are allowing the source to speak through,
The present age,
Meant only for certain people,
Marvel at the sight of a salted fish,
That comes back to life,
When touched by the Water of Life,
According to this hypothesis,
Everything is us.

Wherein they shall stay forever,
Can you hear a whisper of them,
As a shepherd divided his sheep from the goats,
The bonds that compose the self or constitute the Cosmos,
Love, among many others,
But the goats on his left,
Of intelligence shining between his horns,
This is the exact right path,
Nature as self-sufficient, self-governing body,
Which is accidently found,
And significantly in the land of darkness,
The absolute,
Manner of being.

Not endless and not with an end,
The all,
Gets lost looking for the spring,
Enlightened ones,
Traversed the path towards,
That which arise within the body,
But experienced through the mind,
In her darkest hour to hold the light,
Everyone treated fairly and according to laws,
Made love with her,
Accomplished the purification in waterfall,
Not last long before it was supressed by the powers of the,
Sea, mountain and fire.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I tell you all things,
I will drink no more of the grape,
Until I drink blood,
New in the kingdom of God,
The mystic Bacchos,
Or Iacchos,
Which is the symbol of intellect,
Denoting the World sustained,
And redeemed by,

The God,
Especially of riches,
Themselves illusive as,
Products of the earth,
The apple of Eve,
Kronos or Saturn,
Air, water, fire, earth,
Concerning the Greek mysteries,
And entitle,
Those who attain to them,
To sit on the golden seats.

Grand Hierophant,
Which is that of the,
Christs of God,
Which had,
Seeing eyes,
Dwelling together in unity or charity,
That of,

Thou art hard of access,
Becoming by distance,
Weaker and weaker,
The material,
And astral,
To eat at the altar of Ares,
In time of peace,
That binding power of sympathy,
Which purifies, enlightens, and beautifies,
Or the soul,
Inasmuch as their empire,
Is universal,
Or product,
While in the lower.