Saturday, March 15, 2014


136.    Inclusive of everything,
In contrast to,
Admit as legal or acceptable,
A member of ,
Federation of Muslim Berber peoples,
That established an empire in Morocco,
Algeria and Spain,
In the eleventh century,
One who is bound,
For the most part,
The supposed vital principle that,
Guides the development,
And functioning of an organism,
Or other system,
Cause to lose freedom of choice or action,
To hope,
Essential nature or essence,
To be,
A feeling of pride,
Fellowship and loyalty,
Uniting the members of,
A particular group.

137.    Spirit of the body,
Intended for,
Or understood by only,
A small number of people,
With a specialized knowledge or interest,
The action or an instance of,
Catching sight of something,
Or of using spies,
A secret or private,
Matters or secrets,
With mutual trust,
A structure,
Series or process,
The end of,
Which is connected,
To the beginning.

138.    A shape produced by a curve that,
Bends round,
And crosses itself,
Surprise or,
Astonish someone,
Producing powerfull feelings,
Or strong, clear,
Images in the mind,
To live,
Long and sinuous,
Like a snake,
Guide or,
Control the movement of,
Or rise from the sleep.

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