Friday, March 21, 2014

The criminal act

190.    Walk with bare feet in shallow water,
Surrounded by,
A thick piece of soft,
Or absorbent material,
Whose value depends on,
That of another.
Divest of human characteristic or individuality,
Represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form,
The exalted gate,
Be a sign or warning that,
To a higher degree,
Than is desirable,
Or possible.

191.    The criminal act,
Of deliberately setting fire to,
He shall,
Manifest itself regularly at,
The quality of being excessively conceited,
Or absorbed in oneself,
Because he is mad,
Of or relating to,
Ancient Ephesus,
Or its people or language or culture.
Lasting only a day,
An inscription on a bookplate,
To stow the name of the book's owner,
Represent something,
As being,
Larger or better than,
Really is.

192.    The center of the,
Circumcircle of a triangle,
Lies on,
One of the triangle's sides,
If and only if,
The triangle is a right line,
Another term of perfecta,
Utter vehemently,
Offspring of a tame sow,
And wild boar,
Reminiscent of the novels of,
Charles Dickens,
Especially in terms of the poverty,
And squalor that they portray,
Leave the main subject temporarily,
Take and keep a firm hold of,
Work at for a living,
Or take as one's subject of study.

193.    Annoyingly insensitive or,
Slow to understand,
Of or relating to the countries of the West,
Fall into disuse,
The twentieth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Release from one's grasp,
Belonging to another,
Pain in a similar way,
Sentimental longing or affection for the past,
Site, disposition,
In a manner conforming with,
The action,
Or process of,
Make suitable for a new use of purpose.

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