Monday, March 10, 2014


Hear, listen!
Ana veten,
Cheated you as a foreigner,
Five times,
Knew, understand, perceive, realize,
Khilin, khilinlikh, khilinlikh,
Nipiz-khilin, inqik-khilin,
Oo khilin,
Bought this beautiful Uighur cap,
From the ruin of the Khilin.

West of the Uighur nuur,
Built of stone,
Lie in the Orkhon,
Stargazer, (semitone)
Mapping the moon,
In a good seeing,
Only Khilin,
Thrives on the leaves of trees,
These are the Fung-huang,
The Tortoise and the lung.

Landing, among other places,
Glorious answer of the Qilin,
You could call it a unicorn,
Walk on grass without disturbing,
Pure and shining,
In the high snows,

-end of song-

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