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    Cause to break or burst suddenly, breach or disturb a harmonious situation,
    One of two types of ligh-sensetive cell present in the retina of the eye,
    Responsible mainly for monochrome vision of light!

Make someone or something free of,
Sit on and control the movement;
Material wealth!

Bend the head or upper body as a sign of respect, greeting or shame:

    The outer defence of a city or castle, especially a double tower above a gate or draw-bridge;
    An even distribution of weight ensuring stability,
A condition of which different elements are equal or in correct proportions,
    The ability of a boat to stay on course without adjustment of the rudder,
Having two scale pans!
    A young person eager for radical change to the established order,
Perform duties or services for a slave,
A tooth or point of a serrated edge or surface!

A part of a bridge between piers or supports,
The length of time for which something lasts,
A formal speech giving advice or a warning!

The use of symbols to denote propositions, terms and relations in order to assist reasoning!

The subject in a course of study or teaching:
The branch of biology concerned with the structure of plant and animal cells;
A large subphylum of arthropods which possess chelicerae comprising,
Arachnids, sea spiders and horseshoe crabs;
Claw horn!

Speak to!
The hard outer case enclosing this,
Surround and have or hold within:
A period of seven days' formal mourning for the dead,
Beginning immediately after the funeral!


Be bright with the expressing of emotion,
A person's manner of walking,
A device used to select radiation of a single wavelength or energy,
Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one!

Eat steadily and audibly!

Fret impatiently!

A member of an international order established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies;
A person who is not a slave or serf;
Become suddenly motionless or paralysed with fear or shock.

Living freely and independently, not as a parasite or attached to a substrate.

    Strontium oxide, a white solid resembling quicklime, be in or rise to an upright position.

A building where the dead are cremated: our affair!

A chord that is pleasing or satisfactory itself,
A growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion or a man,
Cause to become of tune.

Look at and comprehend the meaning of by interpreting the characters,
Or symbols of which composed.

Once more:
Soak up,
Take in,
Use up,
Reduce the effect or intensity of.
See or observe:
A state of great trouble or suffering,
The rise and fall of the voice of speaking!

Happen or occur afterwards or as a result; a woody shrub with a bitter aromatic taste, used as ingredient of vermouth and absinthe, and in medicine.
Bitterness or grief,
Or a source of this!

Go dawn below!

The surface of liquid,
Greatly impress or amuse,
To cut;
The state of things as they actually exist,
As opposed to an idealistic or motional idea of them!

Constant and unending!

Europe, Asia, and Africa, regarded collectively as the part of the world, known before the discovery of the Americas.

The state being forgotten!
The state of being unaware of what is happening around one!
Employing a cautiously persistent and dilatory strategy to wear out an enemy!

A round dark spot on a potato from which a new shoot can grow.

A society or political system founded on the principles of a state of disorder due to lack of control.

The belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis!

He went that away!

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