Monday, March 17, 2014

Relating to master

147.    A chiefly nocturnal European carnivorous mammal,
Of the weasal family,
That ejects a malodorous fluid,
To mark its territory and ward off,
A sudden attack of convulsions,
A thin whistle,
Active or occuring intermittently,
Denoting a system of solmization,
In which,
C is called doh,
D is called ray,
Of the key in which they occur,
A section of a poem,
Restrict the vibrations of,
Wholly or partially,
To one direction,
A curve drawn on polar coordinates,
Around a fixed point.

148.    An opening,
Or entrance to a structure,
That is hollow, concave,
Or almost completely closed,
Relating to,
Or characteristic of the work of,
Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Denoting a system of solmization,
In which doh,
Is the keynote of any major scale,
An action that,
Initiates or advances,
A process or plan,
Very similar,
A mucus-secreting epithelial tissue,
Lining many body cavities,
And tubular organs,
The gut,
And respiratory passages,
And everywhere,
In the matter of sublimity,
It is true of him.

149.    Murder,
Mentally ill,
A group exerting a hidden sinister influence,
Magen David,
Relating to master,
Or masters,
A person who assembles component parts,
Allocate to someone,
A secret arrangement to meet,
A literary or,
Artistic genre in which realistic narrative,
And naturalistic technique,
A combined with,
Surreal elements of dream or fantasy.

150.    Exhibiting magnetism,
Measured relative to magnetic north,
He forces his own genius,
Mozart's eyes,
Occurring or continuining,
After one's death,
Situated within or inside,
The action or process,
Of being turned inside out,
Or folded back on itself,
To form a cavity or pouch,
Spirit, animation,
Or energy,
Bring nearer,
Early ripe.

151.    Grape of the wild wine,
A young sheep,
Half-hearted or indifferent,
Especially with respect to religion,
Or politics,
Embellish excessively,
With esoteric,
Or technical expressions,
From bacon,
Denoting a disembodied spirit or ghost,
Make a sudden movement,
Coming after all others,
In time or order,

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