Saturday, March 22, 2014


115.    A man,
Of high education or,
Social standing in an,
Eastern Mediterranean or,
Arab country,
Believing in,
Or based on the principle that,
All people equal,
And deserve equal rights and opportunities,
Forming nouns,
Either two eighteenth-century Icelandic books,
The outside limit of an object, area, or surface,
Noble, white,
A viscous substance,
That supposedly exudes from the body,
Of a medium,
During the spritualistic trance,
And forms the material,
For the manifestation of spirits.

116.    One of the high registers,
Of the voice,
In speaking or singing,
Above chest voice,
Be aware of the existence of,
The central, innermost, or vital,
Part of something,
A state of uniform distribution,
Of energy,
Especially viewed as possible fate of,
The universe.

117.    Ingeniously or ridiculously,
Over-complicated in design or construction,
In or into contact with,
The title of the,
Spritual leader of,
The Nizari sect,
Of Ismaili Muslims,
A person or thing,
That takes an active role,
Or produces a specified effect,
Having existed for,
A very long time,
Situated more or,
Less centrally in relation to,
A divine creative impulse,
Or inspiration.

118.    A cosmological theory which,
Holds that,
The universe is eternal,
And maintained by,
Constant creation manner,
Coldly determined,
Unable to be captured or broken into,
Soak or saturate,
With a substance,
Make a mark or design,
On using a stamp or seal,
Just as it is related,
Of the Pythian priestess.

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