Thursday, March 27, 2014


125.    A newly coined word or expression,
The use of economic, political or cultural pressures,
To control or influence,
Other countries,
Especially former dependencies,
The inescapable agent of,
Someone's downfall,
Especially when deserved,
Antagonism provoked by rivalry,
Deny the existence of,
A five pointed star,
Formed by drawing a continious line,
In five straight segments,
Often used as a mystic and magical symbol,
Common people,
A central processing unit,
A cap or cylinder,
Containing a compound,
Which ignites the change in a cartridge,
Or explosive,
A goad for oxen.

126.    The curved sickle shape,
Of the waxing or waning moon,
Is from the crescent-shaped emblem,
Of Islam or Turkey,
Engage in a struggle or,
Campaign to achieve,
In a state of peaceful happiness,
Or satisfaction,
Accept as,
Adequate despite wanting more or better,
The theory of evolution,
Based on the supposed inheritance,
Of acquired characteristics,
Devised by the French naturalist,
Jean Baptiste de Lamarck,
A long weapon,
With a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head,
Formerly used by a horseman in charging,
The absence of necessity.

127.    Great enthusiasm or passion,
To burn,
The main heresy,
Denying the divinity of Christ,
Originating with the Alexandrian priest Arius,
A person engaged or learned in philosophy,
By some chance,
Per Diem,
A state of eternal damnation,
Into which a sinful and unpenitent,
Person passes after death,
In Christian theology,
Used after a surname,
To distinguish a father from a son,
Of the same name,
A unique bird of the Arabian desert,
That burned itself,
On a funeral pyre,
Every five or six centuries,
And rose,
From the ashes,
With renewed youth.

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