Friday, March 14, 2014

Now I'll bold you

And sob ecstasy the water throws,
Who shelters,
And cares for her orchard with such dedication,
Puck the day,
For the reason,
To one's name,
Diu multumque desideratum,
Otherwise they may say,
My soul hath been long a sojourner,
Let him set hours for it,
Let him take no care for any set of times,
Let him season ably water the one,
And destroy the other.

To which added,
An account of a,
Battle ; An abrupt, wringered transition,
An anticlimax,
With the Author's apology,
And explanatory notes,
Now I'll bold you,
A pick of,
Word or words by which,
An entity is designated and distinguished from others,
Such as dub-sar,
Formed by compounding,
Tablet writing,
And non-finite forms.

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