Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not with the big Aleph

Before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,
The hierophant at Eleusis,
Profane, unallowed, uninitiated, not having performed rites,
Without end or issue, to no purpose, without effect, unaccomplished,
Will know this since it rings with truth,
He has lain down on a couch of sighs,
And is never to rise again,
To forget,
S u m e r i a n s,
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield,
Who leapt into his mother's arms and kissed her.

Child's toy,
Which can only be told to the initiate,
But I will tell you that,
Its more like a return to Lemuria,
On intermarriage between families of the,
Slaves and all but the most favoured foreigners,
Children were listed as interdimensional,
Red sees the blue and blue sees the red,
The eye thinks,
Differing only in a single iota letter,
A title to a.

In teaching there sould be no distinction of classes,
Likewise immediate source,
The weawers are striking up the wise,
The group of six stars,
And also one of his sons,
It is the core seed layer,
An extra data added to a message for the purpose of,
Error detection and error correction,
An action just is something an agent does with intention,
Greek and English slip,
A thing that one uses to wrap up in coverlets,
The revealed divinity.

Epitaph :
For their tomorrow, we gave our today,
That here, obedient to their laws we lie,
And all was light,
Served the human liberty,
The tsunami of twentyfirst july,
Restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem,
And omens of january,
La Guerra Olvidada,
Is an allegory in which the good Osiris,
And the evil Typhon,
Width of the tip of the quill.

Refers to  devil sire,
Can then the Evil Desire,
Be very,
Sitting together,
In the form of a semi-circle,
To proclaim,
Seven weeks beyond the sixteenth day of Nisan,
The year a leap year,
The circle that touches these two hemispheres,
That is common to both,
And that we call,
Horizon, The Horizon Of Ate'n,
Or of Aton, Ajet-Aten,
Ajenat'en or Ajenaton,
Instant in instant,
For the time being in the moment.

More well of lux,
Because gives the light,
Mother of the winged lover,
Held full power of judgement and desicion,
And the control of the law of heaven,
And Earth,
Not with the big Aleph,
Rather the concept, of truth, justice, and order,
All peoples, herds, and flocks,
If neatly glazed, becomes the same as the fruit,
Is one, though the sages know it as many,
Who called the world into being,
Having dreamt,
Creation in his heart,
And speaking it,
A proper convex function.

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