Monday, March 31, 2014

Lone Hand

A subject or study or interest,
To companion of human being,
Fond of the word,
Ancient mass star,
Well supplied with,
Lofty life,
Women on earth,
Is the flowers of verse,
Because have no friends,
Consults a dictionary,
A hand,
Played against the rest.

Admires the vitality,
Rest of the world,
Focused on the subset of,
Necessary components,
But, stranger!
Who carry it,
A keystone,
On a scale of billions of years,
Then expand again,
And repeat the process,

Without mouth or face,
Yet all of them quite close each other,
Lower than all besides has thou,
Without mouth or face,
Those who hate devotion,
Looking backward,
The ver-watching present,
From now,
Who dwelt in darkness,
Without mouth or face,
They worshiped a sky-god,
They traced descent through,
Seven Lord of the brave.

Is a zero point in the present,
Looking forward to the infinitive future?
The one,
In which humans must struggle,
To stay alive,
With body-hair of the Earth,
I you,
You I,
The Spaceguard,
How many times did I tell you,
Stop dyeing your hair!

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