Saturday, March 8, 2014


37.    A repeated passage in music,
Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for,
The forcible seizure of a foreign subject or,
Their goods as an act of,
An attack or assault,
In return for,
A similar attack,
A state in which supreme power is held by the people,
And their elected representatives,
And which has an elected or nominated president,
Rather than a monarch,
Highly fertile,
Able to produce offspring,
A charge made for a privilige such as admission,
A prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute,
An enemy or opponent,
According to,
Resembling, or denoting,
The system of feudalism.

38.    Forming words,
Denoting making or producing,
Transformation or the procees of making into,
Forming words,
Denoting making of a state defined by an adjective,
Forming verbs,
Expressing a casuative sense,
For your information,
Systematic forecasting of the future,
Based on present trends,
Idle or busy oneself aimlessly,
In the United Kingdom,
Apprenticeship to a member of the Bar,
Which qualifies a barrister to practice independently,
Denoting the hypotetical source of the passage shared by,
The gospels of Matthew and Luke,
But not found in Mark,

39.    A feeling of intense pleasure or enthusiasm,
According to some millenarian teaching,
The transportation of believers to heaven,
At the second coming of Christ,
Transported bodily,
For their king,
They knew,
A gambling game resembling poker dice,
In which thrower conceals,
The dice thrown,
And sometimes declares a false score,
A building or room,
Containing a collection of books and periodicals for use by,
The public or,
The members of an institution,
Be or remain in a specified state,
Run with a long bounding stride,
Depicted or represented on horseback.

40.    Be carried slowly by a current of air or water,
A title,
Or form of address for a scholar,
An original film recording or document,
Which copies can made,
A person who makes detailed technical drawings,
An artist skilled in drawings,
Relating to or denoting the division of the Sino-Tibetian,
Language family that,
Includes the many forms of Chinese,
Dissapear and not be seen or heard of again,
A sudden powerful forward or upward movement,
Walk with long, decisive steps,
Consternation, and distress.

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