Monday, March 3, 2014

Inscription on a tomb

28.    The gilded one,
The ability of  a dancer to attain height in jumps,
The omission of words from speech or writing,
Power for drying wounds,
The embryo during the early stage of pregnancy,
A person who is between eigthy and eigthy-nine years old,
Represent as walking towards the dexter side,
With the right front foot raised,
A supposed branch of philosophy,
Concerned with an imaginary realm additional to metaphysics,
Able to have its decisions overturned by a higher court,
Having been inhaled,

29.    Unbreakable,
Not to tame,
Refusing to be persuade or to change one's mind,
So named from the notion that a piece of the forbidden fruit,
Became lodged in Adam's throat,
Discussion directed towards exploration of a subject or,
Resolution of a problem,
He who jumps on nigthmare,
The Marxist theory that political and historical events,
Result from the conflict of social forces,      
As caused by material needs,
And are interpretable as a series of contradictions,
And their solutions,
The words which follow with still greater force,
And the deed had they done.

30.    Gate to the imperial palace,
Discernment knowledge,
Extremely delicate and light,
In a way that seems not to be of this world,
A mild or less direct word substituted for one that is harsh,
Or blunt when referring to something,
Unpleasant or embarrassing,
A speech or piece of writing that praises someone highly,
Inscription on a tomb,
Impose a misleading belief upon,
The fourth letter of Greek alphabet,
The theory that physical and psychological phenomena are,
Explicable only in terms of a creative and interpretative mind,
Give as a gift,
Provide with a quality, ability, or asset.

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