Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In the shade, In the lake, In the mirror,

Ut pictura occulta mostrat,

Between fertilisation and death,
As that member of the divine council,
Who watces over human activity,
As stands fast bound to the cross,
Suffered martyrdom,
Almost insoluble in water,
In addition differ in solubility,
Light to the left,
Easy to grow,
With large rewards for,
Small efforts,
Since the electron can travel the whole,
Length of the chain~

And sentiments,
A duplicate source of light,
In the shade,
In the lake,
In the mirror,
Or the eyes,
The celestial prosecutor,
On protecting groups in synthesis,
Used some of the followings,
To prepare the last synthesis,
Different all before free,
Anticipates the,
All before free,
Itself was known~

To ensure that the transfer was complete,
Versus physiological translation termination,
Codon definition,
As well as on,
Reversed with water washes,
Derivates were already known,
Via a circuitous route,
The gauche form is favored,
Result of its rapid rotation and fluid state,
Dense than water,
But to a lesser degree,
That is,
Created from biological materials and,
Resembles a human.

And it radiates more energy,
Into space,
Than it receives from the Sun,
A play on the word,
Acting as nannies,
To the all species,
Indicates peak easterly winds,
Is that it,
Outweighs and supersedes,
All other laws,
It is revealed that,
Human to the,
Great white spot.

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