Friday, March 28, 2014

Imaginations of the Freedom

535.    Brain,
One of six flavours of quark,
Apple of ambergris,
Is a listener's ability to identify,
The location of origin of a,
Detected sound,
Or near the tail or hind parts,
Spinal cord,
The foremost place,
To describe a species with human-like intelligence,
And where it,
Maybe said to share,
Imaginations of the,

536.    There is no religion higher than truth,
Neither is it merely in the phrase,
For whereas,
It hath been well said,
That the arch-flatterer,
Have intelligence,
Is a man's self,
Certainly the lover,
Is more,
I wow to free them,
The power of the faculty of attaining to,
Direct knowledge or cognition,
Without evident rational thought and inference,
To know thyself.

537.    Moreover,
The apprehension of innate ideas,
In mummer's plays,
An external form, appearance, or manner,
The Turkish knight,
Who sometimes has a black face,
By which,
The belief that,
All life,
Or even the whole universe living,
Or otherwise,
Taken as a whole,
Is equally valid and humanity is not the,
Center of the existence,
After the fact.

538.    An emotional equilibrum,
Which are open the all,
The fairest and most productive source of,
Under popular government,
Yet young and tender,
Before the fact,
Continually exercised and sharpened,
In its customs and observances,
And as it were,
After continued effort,
The child will one day find that,
It is able,
To walk all the time.

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