Thursday, March 13, 2014

Free Judges

*Inclusive and exclusive,
Thee Mysterians,
Much of what we know,
Designed to provide information,
About reading,
Question mark X,
Comes from,

First display of the word,
Is a channel owned by,
On the freedom tower,
A museum.

Set the observations,
With its own instruments away,
An orbit was computed,
And it was found,
Protecting guards of the hand,
On the more round tower,
Six thousand and one hundreth,

Next periodic comet,
The Red Earth,
For there are,
There in,
Three grades,
The Hermit,
And the lover,
And the man of earth,
Calculating its orbit,
Free Judges.

Which has since disappeared,
The gift of life,
The second intensive hurricane,
For we did not know,
Whether to go outside,
At the end of the rays,
Not the brighter dot,
To the left of the sun,
As above, so below,
Gap between,
Present as of the part of the preceding word,
Throughout the covered cloister,
Long, narrow, steep,
But the ships,
Themselves understands,
What it is what we are,
Thinking about and want,
A planet would be in conjunction,
With water,
Turned in stone,
And drove it down.

When it was,
Located in the western edge,
The farthermost of man,
Fly for refuge to purifications,
When they have lost all hope,
There was,
The essence of life,
To become reside,
More blue than black appears,
Forests as pink, purple, or red,
With white, darker purple,
And yellow,
And found undisturbed,
Northern mountains,
Reflected and reached the sea,
In a full view of a great continent,
The habitable world.

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