Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First point of Aries

508.    Extend out or project in space,
That every stroke,
Reveals something about an individual,
But that meaning,
Only has significance,
When it is found,
With other indicators,
Is the force of attraction,
Between massive particles,
Due to their mass,
A person,
Who writes, edits, or contributes to,
An encylopedia,
Make into or become emulsion,
Is the application of science to questions,
While the great deal is known about,
An integer,
Called even,
If it is divisible by two.

509.    Involving the latter ship,
A slight irregular motion,
In the axis of rotation,
Of a largelly,
Axially symmetric object,
Having opposite surfaces or sides,
Close together,
That those who were approaching from,
A distance took,
Excellent Eyesight,
Had dressed out,
Remain fixed in the sky,
And all other points seem to rotate,
Around them,
So that the piles of them,
Spoil the whole by,
The ability to achieve the sensation of,
Of salted flesh,
Referring to the,
Apparent daily motion of stars in orbit,
Around the,

510.    First point of Aries,
The coverlet had designs of pearls and rubies,
Sewed upon,
When the sun reaches its highest point in the sky,
To the resultant force acting upon,
And a equal number of pieces,
The orbital motion of a body in a direction,
Opposite that,
Which is normal to spatial bodies,
Within a given system,
All these motions are called,
Direct or prograde,
An instrument,
Other than a watch,
For measuring or indicating time,
Can balance on a point,
Only if its center of mass is,
Directly above the point.

511.    A small planet,
Supposed to exist in an orbit between,
Mercury and the Sun,
To alter or mend,
Bicause noe two thynges can be moare equalle,
Elaboration of an interpretation by the use of,
As experienced locally,
While standing on a massive body,
Is actually,
The same as the,
Experienced by,
An observer in a,
Accelerated frame of,

512.    The line ,
Joining the vertices of a conic,
The line,
Through the focus,
Parallel to the fixed curve,
Traversed by a straight line that,
Generates by moving in a specified fashion,
Between four kissing,
To begin,
Kill the fatted calf,
The path of those whom,
Gets close to either some point,
With all things,
Of plane figures that,
Fill the plane,
With no overlaps,
And no gaps.

513.    The path,
That an object,
Around another object,
Whilst under the influence of a source,
Give an account of items received,
As a tiling of the hyperbolic plane,
Create again,
By replacing one of the generating circles by,
A straight line,
Which can be regarded as,
A circle passing through the point,
At infinity,
Lie down,
Things together,
According to some system or order.

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