Friday, March 7, 2014

Fire and dangerous things

457.    Proof sufficient,
Jew's harp,
How pathway,
A channel,
Cut behind the brick,
Lining of a shaft,
Exceeding great city,
And yet,
Emitted signal,
Or other such fast change,
The far side of the river,
It represents,
A jewel,
Set in the body of,
The harp.

458.    Concerning matters,
Which are generally admitted,
Can cause,
Different overtones to sound,
And thus,
Perform simple melodies,
Expel from the chest,
With the White Group,
Representing the nobility, warrior elite,
And ruling classes,
And the Black Group,
Making up the commonners, tradesmen,
These are mere semblances,
High-resolution central part of the,
Human retina,
Peace be upon him,
Connected with Solomon,
And that,
It had any history,
Involving the Jews.

459.    Persuasion is better than force,
And so,
The North Wind was obliged to confess that,
The Sun was the stronger of the two,
So be it; truly,
An aspect of,
One quarter of a circle,
For come,
We can fortell aright,
To the trumpeting place,
A red,
Intoxicating water wells out of the,
Stone's cleft,
Of a newborn child,
By placing it on his knee,
Is regarded as the,
Menstural fluid of the,

460.    Place to do worship,
Over our minds,
And is about six-thousand-seven-hundred meters high,
But to the soul itself,
That the Ashina clan,
Was accorded,
Sacred, perhaps, quasi-divine status,
In the,
In the,
Southern hemisphere,
A pipe or chamber,
Branching into several openings,
Marveled greatly,
And made signs with one finger raised upward,
Believing that.

461.    A bunch of feathers,
Attached to a long cord,
Used in falconry,
To recall,
The hawk,
Get to know,
Fire and dangerous things.

462.    A neuron,
May only fire,
When a certain face appears in,
Its receptive field,
Know that,
We are descended from Japhet,
Through his son,
Had ten sons,
The eldest was Uur,
Second Tauris, the third Avar, the fourth Uauz,
The fifth Bizal, the sixth Tarna, the seventh Khazar,
The eight Janur, the ninth Bulgar,
The tenth Sawir,
Denotes a hypothetical, unattested form,
Judgement of the dead,
The reward of the morally good,
After a thousand year journey,
At the same time,
Punishment of the bad.

463.    Others,
All and,
Before none,
Was there,
Where action or,
Thought of,
Can be traced back it,
Is a vertex of the,
An imaginary triangle,
Drawn on the northern hemisphere's,
Celestial sphere,
These selfsame,
Join in,
Sexual union in order to create,
A new race,
To populate,
The island.

464.    Air from which,
The spirit comes,
Was grown in a hoop,
Meaning Dodecanese,
To put up the white sails,
Always brings the,
Grey matter away,
To be carried to,
Their target organs by,
The ability to recreate lost or damaged,
To hold that,
Grey matter less likely,

465.    Quick path,
Left-hand path,
And right-hand path,
At present,
Most of its water is diverted to irrigation canals,
One that mainly flows,
Through country from which it,
Receives no water,
In the world,
This one has a rare name of,
Fight with their very mouths,
Against men in,

466.    Finally,
The lengthening of the concluding syllables,
Resulting in a tangle of,
Miswired connections,
Believing them to have spring from,
Some common source,
A preference,
For using one hand as opposed to the other,
Species reproduction,
The one,
Who has a Swan,
As her vehicle,
Has been found,
On the banks of the,
Dried river.

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