Monday, March 31, 2014

Lone Hand

A subject or study or interest,
To companion of human being,
Fond of the word,
Ancient mass star,
Well supplied with,
Lofty life,
Women on earth,
Is the flowers of verse,
Because have no friends,
Consults a dictionary,
A hand,
Played against the rest.

Admires the vitality,
Rest of the world,
Focused on the subset of,
Necessary components,
But, stranger!
Who carry it,
A keystone,
On a scale of billions of years,
Then expand again,
And repeat the process,

Without mouth or face,
Yet all of them quite close each other,
Lower than all besides has thou,
Without mouth or face,
Those who hate devotion,
Looking backward,
The ver-watching present,
From now,
Who dwelt in darkness,
Without mouth or face,
They worshiped a sky-god,
They traced descent through,
Seven Lord of the brave.

Is a zero point in the present,
Looking forward to the infinitive future?
The one,
In which humans must struggle,
To stay alive,
With body-hair of the Earth,
I you,
You I,
The Spaceguard,
How many times did I tell you,
Stop dyeing your hair!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

'The All is in All,

'The Royal game,
Through and through,
Which means,
'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All,

As with butterfly,
For butter and fly,
As used to sign,
Blue and blew~
A bunch of small bubbles flew,
Life and Light~
'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All.

'The All,
While All is in The All,
'The All is in All.

It sa sign of beauty,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Imaginations of the Freedom

535.    Brain,
One of six flavours of quark,
Apple of ambergris,
Is a listener's ability to identify,
The location of origin of a,
Detected sound,
Or near the tail or hind parts,
Spinal cord,
The foremost place,
To describe a species with human-like intelligence,
And where it,
Maybe said to share,
Imaginations of the,

536.    There is no religion higher than truth,
Neither is it merely in the phrase,
For whereas,
It hath been well said,
That the arch-flatterer,
Have intelligence,
Is a man's self,
Certainly the lover,
Is more,
I wow to free them,
The power of the faculty of attaining to,
Direct knowledge or cognition,
Without evident rational thought and inference,
To know thyself.

537.    Moreover,
The apprehension of innate ideas,
In mummer's plays,
An external form, appearance, or manner,
The Turkish knight,
Who sometimes has a black face,
By which,
The belief that,
All life,
Or even the whole universe living,
Or otherwise,
Taken as a whole,
Is equally valid and humanity is not the,
Center of the existence,
After the fact.

538.    An emotional equilibrum,
Which are open the all,
The fairest and most productive source of,
Under popular government,
Yet young and tender,
Before the fact,
Continually exercised and sharpened,
In its customs and observances,
And as it were,
After continued effort,
The child will one day find that,
It is able,
To walk all the time.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


125.    A newly coined word or expression,
The use of economic, political or cultural pressures,
To control or influence,
Other countries,
Especially former dependencies,
The inescapable agent of,
Someone's downfall,
Especially when deserved,
Antagonism provoked by rivalry,
Deny the existence of,
A five pointed star,
Formed by drawing a continious line,
In five straight segments,
Often used as a mystic and magical symbol,
Common people,
A central processing unit,
A cap or cylinder,
Containing a compound,
Which ignites the change in a cartridge,
Or explosive,
A goad for oxen.

126.    The curved sickle shape,
Of the waxing or waning moon,
Is from the crescent-shaped emblem,
Of Islam or Turkey,
Engage in a struggle or,
Campaign to achieve,
In a state of peaceful happiness,
Or satisfaction,
Accept as,
Adequate despite wanting more or better,
The theory of evolution,
Based on the supposed inheritance,
Of acquired characteristics,
Devised by the French naturalist,
Jean Baptiste de Lamarck,
A long weapon,
With a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head,
Formerly used by a horseman in charging,
The absence of necessity.

127.    Great enthusiasm or passion,
To burn,
The main heresy,
Denying the divinity of Christ,
Originating with the Alexandrian priest Arius,
A person engaged or learned in philosophy,
By some chance,
Per Diem,
A state of eternal damnation,
Into which a sinful and unpenitent,
Person passes after death,
In Christian theology,
Used after a surname,
To distinguish a father from a son,
Of the same name,
A unique bird of the Arabian desert,
That burned itself,
On a funeral pyre,
Every five or six centuries,
And rose,
From the ashes,
With renewed youth.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lotus effect

Alpha Mu Gamma

Who had passionately supported the,
Was so deftly implementing,
Puppets With Pens,
A spy in the Mediterranean,
Whose memoir,
These events,
Began to take place,
We called it liberation.

Then hope is left,
The most celebrated of these correspondents,
In early spring nineteenfortyfive,
By your father's adroitness,
Puppets With Swords,
And family watched over by,
Queen of Heaven,
Ciao bello! They said,
Who was born about the time,
But one who was middle of the road.

Saecula Omnimodus Bellum,
Perhaps influenced by,
After its cry,
Sea urchin,
Which in the,
Authorized Version,
And in the,
Revised Version,
The bitter water solution of bromides,
And calcium salts,
Remaining after sodium chloride,
Is cyristallized out of,
The booming of bittern.

This is known as,
Lotus effect,
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus,
Dorsal to ventral,
Or anterior - posterior,
There is no differentation,
This is known as,
With respect to,
Angle seventytwo degree,
The egg,
The embryo,
Living cell,
With respect to the polarizers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mani Pulite

Triumph of the Will,
A return to the story-telling style of order.

Thus Hélicon,
A low frequency electromagnetic wave,
Maybe able to the special ability,
Screened out, leading to a high reflectivity,
Since the high conductivity,
Hence the shine,
Mani Pulite,
Thus Helicon,
Became an emblem of,
The skin of the conduction.

-end of the Helicon-

Show side by side!


    Apparently reasonable or probable without necessarily being so, deserving applause;
    The acceleration of a chemical reaction by a catalyst!
    A substance that increases the rate of chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change on the pattern of analyst, feeling or showing
disapproval of anything improper, stiffly correct. Pure into a prim expression, excellent, delicate, the first!
    Begin or introduce of or relating to the sense of hearing, a corona around The Sun or The Moon.

The gold!

A person or thing set up as an easy target for criticism, a sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety,
A leopard especially a black one,
All the gods of a religion collectively,
The creator and Supreme Being,
Divine status or quality or nature,
Make into worship as a god.

    Characterized by the practice of severe self-discipline!
    Make great efforts, angry or bitter disagreement; conflict.

    The care, cultivation and breeding of crops and animals,
    Management and conservation of resources,
    The release of an offender from detention,
    Subject to a period of good behaviour under supervision!

The process of testing the character or abilities of a person in a certain role, demonstrate by the evidence or argument the truth or existence of.

Abstaining from marriage and sexual relations for religious reasons,
To watch, guard,
Bend on the knee,
Calf of the leg,
Something which emanates or is produced from a source,
    To flow out!

Having intense, vivid colour or swirling abstract pattern.

The view that a person's duty and responsibility is to achieve success through hard work and thrift;
A feeling of happiness!

A person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching;
A zealous advocate of something!
A figure of speech in which a word applies to two others in different senses!

A wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to a plough or cart that they pull in unison!

A thin straight bar!

A club, a mischievous child, have an affect. Having or showing too great a readiness to believe things.

A system of exercises using the special apparatus designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and enhance mental awareness; carried by the thing specified.

    Existing as a result of birth; having a natural ability to do a particular job or task.

Cover with a hard crust!

Characterized by the practise of severe self-discipline!

    A monk to exercise, persistently harass or annoy;
    A world view underlying the theories and methodology of a scientific subject!

Show side by side!

A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson:
A person who makes shoes and other footwear as a profession,
May it be so?
Devoutly religious,
Making a hypocritical display of virtue!
Follow with hostility,
Continue in a course of action in spite of difficulty or with little or no success.
Very strict!
State that will happen in the future!

Beforehand say! Declare!

Never ending or changing,
Denoting and having a position or trophy held for life rather than a limited period,
Continuing, throughout,
Receive what one deserves.

Requiring or having great strength or effort,
A position of leadership!
Manage the running up,
From here,
Invoke or pronounce,
A curse upon!
The protective care or guardianship of,
The earliest ancestors of people!


Before take,
A part of a deceased holy person's body or belongings kept as an object of reverence.
An idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind.
An act of considering or remembering!

The part of the body of a mammal between the neck and the abdomen,
Including the cavity enclosed by the ribs, breastbone and corsal vertebrae!

Thorium dioxide, a white refractory solid used in making gas mantles and other materials for high temperature applications.

A stiff, sharp-pointed woody projection on the stem or other part of a plant,
A woman's genitals,
God as father! The Holy Grail!

Existing in the something as a permanent or essential attribute!

Pure belonging to!

A cup!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Crown and Anchor

357.    Three dice,
Each bearing,
A crown,
An anchor,
And the four card suits,
Entrust someone or something to,
Put the dragon to sleep,
To draw or trace the outline of,
Ridge between furrows,
Of the River Nile,
Benumbing or deadening,
Have a parietal eye,
A light sensitive third eye,
Located in the top of the head,
Integrating sensory information from various senses,
And in the manipulation of objects,
Cunning man,
Endued with understanding,
Of Huram,
My father's.

358.    Waiter,
Serving to show forth,
Or exhibit,
The duty of,
A cultural hero,
Of the new order,
To provide a quick, easy to remember,
And universal,
Alternative to,
In the United States of America,
Always denied his crimes,
On the,
Gave herself to the philosopher,
Because she,
Admired his mind.

359.    Entire list of excellences,
Just given,
Ark of the testimony,
Situated or placed in front,
To, a greater distance,
Revealing her flawless breasts,
Sailed away,
Without adjustment of the rudder,
Like her ancestors,
To perform,
A condition,
In which different elements are,
On in the correct proportions.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


115.    A man,
Of high education or,
Social standing in an,
Eastern Mediterranean or,
Arab country,
Believing in,
Or based on the principle that,
All people equal,
And deserve equal rights and opportunities,
Forming nouns,
Either two eighteenth-century Icelandic books,
The outside limit of an object, area, or surface,
Noble, white,
A viscous substance,
That supposedly exudes from the body,
Of a medium,
During the spritualistic trance,
And forms the material,
For the manifestation of spirits.

116.    One of the high registers,
Of the voice,
In speaking or singing,
Above chest voice,
Be aware of the existence of,
The central, innermost, or vital,
Part of something,
A state of uniform distribution,
Of energy,
Especially viewed as possible fate of,
The universe.

117.    Ingeniously or ridiculously,
Over-complicated in design or construction,
In or into contact with,
The title of the,
Spritual leader of,
The Nizari sect,
Of Ismaili Muslims,
A person or thing,
That takes an active role,
Or produces a specified effect,
Having existed for,
A very long time,
Situated more or,
Less centrally in relation to,
A divine creative impulse,
Or inspiration.

118.    A cosmological theory which,
Holds that,
The universe is eternal,
And maintained by,
Constant creation manner,
Coldly determined,
Unable to be captured or broken into,
Soak or saturate,
With a substance,
Make a mark or design,
On using a stamp or seal,
Just as it is related,
Of the Pythian priestess.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The criminal act

190.    Walk with bare feet in shallow water,
Surrounded by,
A thick piece of soft,
Or absorbent material,
Whose value depends on,
That of another.
Divest of human characteristic or individuality,
Represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form,
The exalted gate,
Be a sign or warning that,
To a higher degree,
Than is desirable,
Or possible.

191.    The criminal act,
Of deliberately setting fire to,
He shall,
Manifest itself regularly at,
The quality of being excessively conceited,
Or absorbed in oneself,
Because he is mad,
Of or relating to,
Ancient Ephesus,
Or its people or language or culture.
Lasting only a day,
An inscription on a bookplate,
To stow the name of the book's owner,
Represent something,
As being,
Larger or better than,
Really is.

192.    The center of the,
Circumcircle of a triangle,
Lies on,
One of the triangle's sides,
If and only if,
The triangle is a right line,
Another term of perfecta,
Utter vehemently,
Offspring of a tame sow,
And wild boar,
Reminiscent of the novels of,
Charles Dickens,
Especially in terms of the poverty,
And squalor that they portray,
Leave the main subject temporarily,
Take and keep a firm hold of,
Work at for a living,
Or take as one's subject of study.

193.    Annoyingly insensitive or,
Slow to understand,
Of or relating to the countries of the West,
Fall into disuse,
The twentieth letter of the Greek alphabet,
Release from one's grasp,
Belonging to another,
Pain in a similar way,
Sentimental longing or affection for the past,
Site, disposition,
In a manner conforming with,
The action,
Or process of,
Make suitable for a new use of purpose.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not with the big Aleph

Before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,
The hierophant at Eleusis,
Profane, unallowed, uninitiated, not having performed rites,
Without end or issue, to no purpose, without effect, unaccomplished,
Will know this since it rings with truth,
He has lain down on a couch of sighs,
And is never to rise again,
To forget,
S u m e r i a n s,
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield,
Who leapt into his mother's arms and kissed her.

Child's toy,
Which can only be told to the initiate,
But I will tell you that,
Its more like a return to Lemuria,
On intermarriage between families of the,
Slaves and all but the most favoured foreigners,
Children were listed as interdimensional,
Red sees the blue and blue sees the red,
The eye thinks,
Differing only in a single iota letter,
A title to a.

In teaching there sould be no distinction of classes,
Likewise immediate source,
The weawers are striking up the wise,
The group of six stars,
And also one of his sons,
It is the core seed layer,
An extra data added to a message for the purpose of,
Error detection and error correction,
An action just is something an agent does with intention,
Greek and English slip,
A thing that one uses to wrap up in coverlets,
The revealed divinity.

Epitaph :
For their tomorrow, we gave our today,
That here, obedient to their laws we lie,
And all was light,
Served the human liberty,
The tsunami of twentyfirst july,
Restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem,
And omens of january,
La Guerra Olvidada,
Is an allegory in which the good Osiris,
And the evil Typhon,
Width of the tip of the quill.

Refers to  devil sire,
Can then the Evil Desire,
Be very,
Sitting together,
In the form of a semi-circle,
To proclaim,
Seven weeks beyond the sixteenth day of Nisan,
The year a leap year,
The circle that touches these two hemispheres,
That is common to both,
And that we call,
Horizon, The Horizon Of Ate'n,
Or of Aton, Ajet-Aten,
Ajenat'en or Ajenaton,
Instant in instant,
For the time being in the moment.

More well of lux,
Because gives the light,
Mother of the winged lover,
Held full power of judgement and desicion,
And the control of the law of heaven,
And Earth,
Not with the big Aleph,
Rather the concept, of truth, justice, and order,
All peoples, herds, and flocks,
If neatly glazed, becomes the same as the fruit,
Is one, though the sages know it as many,
Who called the world into being,
Having dreamt,
Creation in his heart,
And speaking it,
A proper convex function.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First point of Aries

508.    Extend out or project in space,
That every stroke,
Reveals something about an individual,
But that meaning,
Only has significance,
When it is found,
With other indicators,
Is the force of attraction,
Between massive particles,
Due to their mass,
A person,
Who writes, edits, or contributes to,
An encylopedia,
Make into or become emulsion,
Is the application of science to questions,
While the great deal is known about,
An integer,
Called even,
If it is divisible by two.

509.    Involving the latter ship,
A slight irregular motion,
In the axis of rotation,
Of a largelly,
Axially symmetric object,
Having opposite surfaces or sides,
Close together,
That those who were approaching from,
A distance took,
Excellent Eyesight,
Had dressed out,
Remain fixed in the sky,
And all other points seem to rotate,
Around them,
So that the piles of them,
Spoil the whole by,
The ability to achieve the sensation of,
Of salted flesh,
Referring to the,
Apparent daily motion of stars in orbit,
Around the,

510.    First point of Aries,
The coverlet had designs of pearls and rubies,
Sewed upon,
When the sun reaches its highest point in the sky,
To the resultant force acting upon,
And a equal number of pieces,
The orbital motion of a body in a direction,
Opposite that,
Which is normal to spatial bodies,
Within a given system,
All these motions are called,
Direct or prograde,
An instrument,
Other than a watch,
For measuring or indicating time,
Can balance on a point,
Only if its center of mass is,
Directly above the point.

511.    A small planet,
Supposed to exist in an orbit between,
Mercury and the Sun,
To alter or mend,
Bicause noe two thynges can be moare equalle,
Elaboration of an interpretation by the use of,
As experienced locally,
While standing on a massive body,
Is actually,
The same as the,
Experienced by,
An observer in a,
Accelerated frame of,

512.    The line ,
Joining the vertices of a conic,
The line,
Through the focus,
Parallel to the fixed curve,
Traversed by a straight line that,
Generates by moving in a specified fashion,
Between four kissing,
To begin,
Kill the fatted calf,
The path of those whom,
Gets close to either some point,
With all things,
Of plane figures that,
Fill the plane,
With no overlaps,
And no gaps.

513.    The path,
That an object,
Around another object,
Whilst under the influence of a source,
Give an account of items received,
As a tiling of the hyperbolic plane,
Create again,
By replacing one of the generating circles by,
A straight line,
Which can be regarded as,
A circle passing through the point,
At infinity,
Lie down,
Things together,
According to some system or order.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Relating to master

147.    A chiefly nocturnal European carnivorous mammal,
Of the weasal family,
That ejects a malodorous fluid,
To mark its territory and ward off,
A sudden attack of convulsions,
A thin whistle,
Active or occuring intermittently,
Denoting a system of solmization,
In which,
C is called doh,
D is called ray,
Of the key in which they occur,
A section of a poem,
Restrict the vibrations of,
Wholly or partially,
To one direction,
A curve drawn on polar coordinates,
Around a fixed point.

148.    An opening,
Or entrance to a structure,
That is hollow, concave,
Or almost completely closed,
Relating to,
Or characteristic of the work of,
Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Denoting a system of solmization,
In which doh,
Is the keynote of any major scale,
An action that,
Initiates or advances,
A process or plan,
Very similar,
A mucus-secreting epithelial tissue,
Lining many body cavities,
And tubular organs,
The gut,
And respiratory passages,
And everywhere,
In the matter of sublimity,
It is true of him.

149.    Murder,
Mentally ill,
A group exerting a hidden sinister influence,
Magen David,
Relating to master,
Or masters,
A person who assembles component parts,
Allocate to someone,
A secret arrangement to meet,
A literary or,
Artistic genre in which realistic narrative,
And naturalistic technique,
A combined with,
Surreal elements of dream or fantasy.

150.    Exhibiting magnetism,
Measured relative to magnetic north,
He forces his own genius,
Mozart's eyes,
Occurring or continuining,
After one's death,
Situated within or inside,
The action or process,
Of being turned inside out,
Or folded back on itself,
To form a cavity or pouch,
Spirit, animation,
Or energy,
Bring nearer,
Early ripe.

151.    Grape of the wild wine,
A young sheep,
Half-hearted or indifferent,
Especially with respect to religion,
Or politics,
Embellish excessively,
With esoteric,
Or technical expressions,
From bacon,
Denoting a disembodied spirit or ghost,
Make a sudden movement,
Coming after all others,
In time or order,

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Unknown and hidden,
And not,
Lacking light,
Called after the title,
Awakened and unite with,
Lodges of the lost word,
Will gather secret and teach.
We are stillborn,
And that suits us better and better,
Not by living,
The title of King.

There was, however,
Slides over the ocean bottom,
And into our,
Bays and estuaries,
Smiled at some inner secret,
The happiest person alive,
Burned alive,
Something in her ear,
That turned the Queen pale,
Since the barycenter is located below the,
Earth's surface.

They will look upon him,
Whom they have pierced,
One of the few,
To have purchased,
And read,
Yes; but they are not gone,
It is called a lunar eclipse,
In contrast,
The word transit,
Hides the more distant object,
Are known as,

The same way,
During the last times,
From these tortures and injustices,
That this vast Earth,
Will appear small to them,
As it had been filled with injustice and distress,
So much so,
On this earth,
Will find no shelter to seek refuge,
At such a time,
The Negro,
Called by the ignorant and bigoted peasants,
In preservation of the,
Foundation was established.

A vehicle with four horses,
Driven by,
One person,
With two hanging ends,
A series of function,
From a given non-periodic function,
Of sinusoidal functions,
Derived and representing,
A system for the,
Reorganisation of the society,
In accordance with the,

Condensated liquid,
A sign indicating,
Stone bottom at the water's edge,
And entreth not into the Work,
But is calved,
Terra damnata,
Ether in general,
With several heads,
Serpents of the Caduceus,
Deprived of wings,
The fixed principle,
Furnace of philosophers,
Summit of philosophical egg.

Medicine may also be,
Is that water,
Sulphur that flour,
Be multiplied eternally,
Becomes sour and made into leaven,
Common gold,
What the leaven is in making of bread,
So one cannot make ferment,
With common gold,
Without gold,
But a virgin gold,
The intrinsic form of the Stone,
So the medicine is only,
A composition of water and kneaded flour.

Of Sulphur and Mercury,
Fermented with Gold,
The first White Work,
Must be finished in the,
House of the moon,
It is also appears as,
A negative spectrum,
To have any meaning in itself,
Terra Sancta,
By often rectifying the Ardent Water,
There will come Aer,
In a white Oyl,
Swimming above the water.

The example teaches,
Have given you an example,
That you should do as,
Have done to you,
Keep away,
Keep away.

Of the subject opens,
Feelings of melancholy,
Should call every truth,
Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers,
Agree that,
Have remedies for negligence,
Neglect and contempt,
Best cures of jealousy.

What I do not know,
Makes me do not be named,
Given yourselves in fact the examples,
Because how,
Facades also you.

As far out of the rest,
Begins to live,
For this,
To lay new foundations,
Exemplum Docet!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


136.    Inclusive of everything,
In contrast to,
Admit as legal or acceptable,
A member of ,
Federation of Muslim Berber peoples,
That established an empire in Morocco,
Algeria and Spain,
In the eleventh century,
One who is bound,
For the most part,
The supposed vital principle that,
Guides the development,
And functioning of an organism,
Or other system,
Cause to lose freedom of choice or action,
To hope,
Essential nature or essence,
To be,
A feeling of pride,
Fellowship and loyalty,
Uniting the members of,
A particular group.

137.    Spirit of the body,
Intended for,
Or understood by only,
A small number of people,
With a specialized knowledge or interest,
The action or an instance of,
Catching sight of something,
Or of using spies,
A secret or private,
Matters or secrets,
With mutual trust,
A structure,
Series or process,
The end of,
Which is connected,
To the beginning.

138.    A shape produced by a curve that,
Bends round,
And crosses itself,
Surprise or,
Astonish someone,
Producing powerfull feelings,
Or strong, clear,
Images in the mind,
To live,
Long and sinuous,
Like a snake,
Guide or,
Control the movement of,
Or rise from the sleep.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Now I'll bold you

And sob ecstasy the water throws,
Who shelters,
And cares for her orchard with such dedication,
Puck the day,
For the reason,
To one's name,
Diu multumque desideratum,
Otherwise they may say,
My soul hath been long a sojourner,
Let him set hours for it,
Let him take no care for any set of times,
Let him season ably water the one,
And destroy the other.

To which added,
An account of a,
Battle ; An abrupt, wringered transition,
An anticlimax,
With the Author's apology,
And explanatory notes,
Now I'll bold you,
A pick of,
Word or words by which,
An entity is designated and distinguished from others,
Such as dub-sar,
Formed by compounding,
Tablet writing,
And non-finite forms.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Free Judges

*Inclusive and exclusive,
Thee Mysterians,
Much of what we know,
Designed to provide information,
About reading,
Question mark X,
Comes from,

First display of the word,
Is a channel owned by,
On the freedom tower,
A museum.

Set the observations,
With its own instruments away,
An orbit was computed,
And it was found,
Protecting guards of the hand,
On the more round tower,
Six thousand and one hundreth,

Next periodic comet,
The Red Earth,
For there are,
There in,
Three grades,
The Hermit,
And the lover,
And the man of earth,
Calculating its orbit,
Free Judges.

Which has since disappeared,
The gift of life,
The second intensive hurricane,
For we did not know,
Whether to go outside,
At the end of the rays,
Not the brighter dot,
To the left of the sun,
As above, so below,
Gap between,
Present as of the part of the preceding word,
Throughout the covered cloister,
Long, narrow, steep,
But the ships,
Themselves understands,
What it is what we are,
Thinking about and want,
A planet would be in conjunction,
With water,
Turned in stone,
And drove it down.

When it was,
Located in the western edge,
The farthermost of man,
Fly for refuge to purifications,
When they have lost all hope,
There was,
The essence of life,
To become reside,
More blue than black appears,
Forests as pink, purple, or red,
With white, darker purple,
And yellow,
And found undisturbed,
Northern mountains,
Reflected and reached the sea,
In a full view of a great continent,
The habitable world.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In the shade, In the lake, In the mirror,

Ut pictura occulta mostrat,

Between fertilisation and death,
As that member of the divine council,
Who watces over human activity,
As stands fast bound to the cross,
Suffered martyrdom,
Almost insoluble in water,
In addition differ in solubility,
Light to the left,
Easy to grow,
With large rewards for,
Small efforts,
Since the electron can travel the whole,
Length of the chain~

And sentiments,
A duplicate source of light,
In the shade,
In the lake,
In the mirror,
Or the eyes,
The celestial prosecutor,
On protecting groups in synthesis,
Used some of the followings,
To prepare the last synthesis,
Different all before free,
Anticipates the,
All before free,
Itself was known~

To ensure that the transfer was complete,
Versus physiological translation termination,
Codon definition,
As well as on,
Reversed with water washes,
Derivates were already known,
Via a circuitous route,
The gauche form is favored,
Result of its rapid rotation and fluid state,
Dense than water,
But to a lesser degree,
That is,
Created from biological materials and,
Resembles a human.

And it radiates more energy,
Into space,
Than it receives from the Sun,
A play on the word,
Acting as nannies,
To the all species,
Indicates peak easterly winds,
Is that it,
Outweighs and supersedes,
All other laws,
It is revealed that,
Human to the,
Great white spot.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



    Cause to break or burst suddenly, breach or disturb a harmonious situation,
    One of two types of ligh-sensetive cell present in the retina of the eye,
    Responsible mainly for monochrome vision of light!

Make someone or something free of,
Sit on and control the movement;
Material wealth!

Bend the head or upper body as a sign of respect, greeting or shame:

    The outer defence of a city or castle, especially a double tower above a gate or draw-bridge;
    An even distribution of weight ensuring stability,
A condition of which different elements are equal or in correct proportions,
    The ability of a boat to stay on course without adjustment of the rudder,
Having two scale pans!
    A young person eager for radical change to the established order,
Perform duties or services for a slave,
A tooth or point of a serrated edge or surface!

A part of a bridge between piers or supports,
The length of time for which something lasts,
A formal speech giving advice or a warning!

The use of symbols to denote propositions, terms and relations in order to assist reasoning!

The subject in a course of study or teaching:
The branch of biology concerned with the structure of plant and animal cells;
A large subphylum of arthropods which possess chelicerae comprising,
Arachnids, sea spiders and horseshoe crabs;
Claw horn!

Speak to!
The hard outer case enclosing this,
Surround and have or hold within:
A period of seven days' formal mourning for the dead,
Beginning immediately after the funeral!


Be bright with the expressing of emotion,
A person's manner of walking,
A device used to select radiation of a single wavelength or energy,
Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one!

Eat steadily and audibly!

Fret impatiently!

A member of an international order established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies;
A person who is not a slave or serf;
Become suddenly motionless or paralysed with fear or shock.

Living freely and independently, not as a parasite or attached to a substrate.

    Strontium oxide, a white solid resembling quicklime, be in or rise to an upright position.

A building where the dead are cremated: our affair!

A chord that is pleasing or satisfactory itself,
A growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion or a man,
Cause to become of tune.

Look at and comprehend the meaning of by interpreting the characters,
Or symbols of which composed.

Once more:
Soak up,
Take in,
Use up,
Reduce the effect or intensity of.
See or observe:
A state of great trouble or suffering,
The rise and fall of the voice of speaking!

Happen or occur afterwards or as a result; a woody shrub with a bitter aromatic taste, used as ingredient of vermouth and absinthe, and in medicine.
Bitterness or grief,
Or a source of this!

Go dawn below!

The surface of liquid,
Greatly impress or amuse,
To cut;
The state of things as they actually exist,
As opposed to an idealistic or motional idea of them!

Constant and unending!

Europe, Asia, and Africa, regarded collectively as the part of the world, known before the discovery of the Americas.

The state being forgotten!
The state of being unaware of what is happening around one!
Employing a cautiously persistent and dilatory strategy to wear out an enemy!

A round dark spot on a potato from which a new shoot can grow.

A society or political system founded on the principles of a state of disorder due to lack of control.

The belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis!

He went that away!

Copyright © by Serdar Anlagan.
All rights reserved. No parts of
this book or related recordings
may be reproduced, stored in a
retrieval system or transmitted
in any form or means, electronic,
mechanical, photocopying,
recording or otherwise, without
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ISBN 975-270-541-3

First Printing
December 2004 Istanbul

Monday, March 10, 2014


Hear, listen!
Ana veten,
Cheated you as a foreigner,
Five times,
Knew, understand, perceive, realize,
Khilin, khilinlikh, khilinlikh,
Nipiz-khilin, inqik-khilin,
Oo khilin,
Bought this beautiful Uighur cap,
From the ruin of the Khilin.

West of the Uighur nuur,
Built of stone,
Lie in the Orkhon,
Stargazer, (semitone)
Mapping the moon,
In a good seeing,
Only Khilin,
Thrives on the leaves of trees,
These are the Fung-huang,
The Tortoise and the lung.

Landing, among other places,
Glorious answer of the Qilin,
You could call it a unicorn,
Walk on grass without disturbing,
Pure and shining,
In the high snows,

-end of song-

Sunday, March 9, 2014

An End

A question?
Which is one half of wisdom,
Implemented in Mathematica as,
Moebius Mu,
Beginning, middle and end,
This is the end,
This is the end, beautiful friend,
By the seven perfect letters,
Normal or ordinary,
Speech has begun,
Mu is the name of lost land.

A basis for the organisation of knowledge,
In the respect of the creation and development,
Of all things,
Peace at home, peace in the world,
Peace in the universe,
Inextricably linked to the physical gene,
And placed the divergence of the maternal lineges,
Twohundredsixtythousand years ago,
Which is not located in the nucleus of the cell,
But in the mithochondria.

Activation, transfer, finalization,
Whereby a protein is post-translationally modified by,
Covalent attachment of a small protein,
Because their primary function is,
To convert organic materials into energy,
Particles that cannot be distinguished from one another,
Even in principle,
No difference between,
The Johnnies and the Mehmets to us,
Where they lie side by side,
Here in this country of,

A surface,
With only one side and only one boundary,
United or allied,
Symmetric or antisymmetric,
Multiplicative or arithmetic,
Particles that cannot be distinguished from one another,
Even in principle,
Need not be functions at all,
And are usually thought as,
Arrows between two different objects,
Which need not be sets.

An End,
Is a universal,
Is a dinatural transformation,
The End,
Is written,
Into a fixed object,
With just one object.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


37.    A repeated passage in music,
Be entitled or appointed to act or speak for,
The forcible seizure of a foreign subject or,
Their goods as an act of,
An attack or assault,
In return for,
A similar attack,
A state in which supreme power is held by the people,
And their elected representatives,
And which has an elected or nominated president,
Rather than a monarch,
Highly fertile,
Able to produce offspring,
A charge made for a privilige such as admission,
A prolonged and bitter quarrel or dispute,
An enemy or opponent,
According to,
Resembling, or denoting,
The system of feudalism.

38.    Forming words,
Denoting making or producing,
Transformation or the procees of making into,
Forming words,
Denoting making of a state defined by an adjective,
Forming verbs,
Expressing a casuative sense,
For your information,
Systematic forecasting of the future,
Based on present trends,
Idle or busy oneself aimlessly,
In the United Kingdom,
Apprenticeship to a member of the Bar,
Which qualifies a barrister to practice independently,
Denoting the hypotetical source of the passage shared by,
The gospels of Matthew and Luke,
But not found in Mark,

39.    A feeling of intense pleasure or enthusiasm,
According to some millenarian teaching,
The transportation of believers to heaven,
At the second coming of Christ,
Transported bodily,
For their king,
They knew,
A gambling game resembling poker dice,
In which thrower conceals,
The dice thrown,
And sometimes declares a false score,
A building or room,
Containing a collection of books and periodicals for use by,
The public or,
The members of an institution,
Be or remain in a specified state,
Run with a long bounding stride,
Depicted or represented on horseback.

40.    Be carried slowly by a current of air or water,
A title,
Or form of address for a scholar,
An original film recording or document,
Which copies can made,
A person who makes detailed technical drawings,
An artist skilled in drawings,
Relating to or denoting the division of the Sino-Tibetian,
Language family that,
Includes the many forms of Chinese,
Dissapear and not be seen or heard of again,
A sudden powerful forward or upward movement,
Walk with long, decisive steps,
Consternation, and distress.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fire and dangerous things

457.    Proof sufficient,
Jew's harp,
How pathway,
A channel,
Cut behind the brick,
Lining of a shaft,
Exceeding great city,
And yet,
Emitted signal,
Or other such fast change,
The far side of the river,
It represents,
A jewel,
Set in the body of,
The harp.

458.    Concerning matters,
Which are generally admitted,
Can cause,
Different overtones to sound,
And thus,
Perform simple melodies,
Expel from the chest,
With the White Group,
Representing the nobility, warrior elite,
And ruling classes,
And the Black Group,
Making up the commonners, tradesmen,
These are mere semblances,
High-resolution central part of the,
Human retina,
Peace be upon him,
Connected with Solomon,
And that,
It had any history,
Involving the Jews.

459.    Persuasion is better than force,
And so,
The North Wind was obliged to confess that,
The Sun was the stronger of the two,
So be it; truly,
An aspect of,
One quarter of a circle,
For come,
We can fortell aright,
To the trumpeting place,
A red,
Intoxicating water wells out of the,
Stone's cleft,
Of a newborn child,
By placing it on his knee,
Is regarded as the,
Menstural fluid of the,

460.    Place to do worship,
Over our minds,
And is about six-thousand-seven-hundred meters high,
But to the soul itself,
That the Ashina clan,
Was accorded,
Sacred, perhaps, quasi-divine status,
In the,
In the,
Southern hemisphere,
A pipe or chamber,
Branching into several openings,
Marveled greatly,
And made signs with one finger raised upward,
Believing that.

461.    A bunch of feathers,
Attached to a long cord,
Used in falconry,
To recall,
The hawk,
Get to know,
Fire and dangerous things.

462.    A neuron,
May only fire,
When a certain face appears in,
Its receptive field,
Know that,
We are descended from Japhet,
Through his son,
Had ten sons,
The eldest was Uur,
Second Tauris, the third Avar, the fourth Uauz,
The fifth Bizal, the sixth Tarna, the seventh Khazar,
The eight Janur, the ninth Bulgar,
The tenth Sawir,
Denotes a hypothetical, unattested form,
Judgement of the dead,
The reward of the morally good,
After a thousand year journey,
At the same time,
Punishment of the bad.

463.    Others,
All and,
Before none,
Was there,
Where action or,
Thought of,
Can be traced back it,
Is a vertex of the,
An imaginary triangle,
Drawn on the northern hemisphere's,
Celestial sphere,
These selfsame,
Join in,
Sexual union in order to create,
A new race,
To populate,
The island.

464.    Air from which,
The spirit comes,
Was grown in a hoop,
Meaning Dodecanese,
To put up the white sails,
Always brings the,
Grey matter away,
To be carried to,
Their target organs by,
The ability to recreate lost or damaged,
To hold that,
Grey matter less likely,

465.    Quick path,
Left-hand path,
And right-hand path,
At present,
Most of its water is diverted to irrigation canals,
One that mainly flows,
Through country from which it,
Receives no water,
In the world,
This one has a rare name of,
Fight with their very mouths,
Against men in,

466.    Finally,
The lengthening of the concluding syllables,
Resulting in a tangle of,
Miswired connections,
Believing them to have spring from,
Some common source,
A preference,
For using one hand as opposed to the other,
Species reproduction,
The one,
Who has a Swan,
As her vehicle,
Has been found,
On the banks of the,
Dried river.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What is out of doors

76.    A blurring of the sight,
A cloud of tiny water droplets,
In the athmosphere at or near the earth's surface,
Wrongly identify someone or something as,
On the crown,
A condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen,
Causing unconsciousness or death,
An irresistible urge to behave in a certain way,
Especially against one's conscious wishes,
Of a snake,
Coil round,
Prey in order,
To asphyxiate it.

77.    What is out of doors,
Relating to or denoting application,
Of scientific methods and techniques,
To the investigation of crime,
A previous case or legal desicion,
That maybe or must be,
Followed in subsequent similar cases,
A general rule,
Regulating behaviour or thought,
Cause to be deposited,
In solid form,
From a solution,
Drops of moisture or particles of dust,
To be deposited,
From the athmosphere,
Or from a vapour or suspension.

78.    Able to understood only by intellect,
Conceptions formed by directing the mind towards,
An object,
Between the fingers and toes,
Existing or acting,
Between atoms,
The theory that there are,
Two entities,
Mind and body,
Each affecting the other,
A chemical used to intensify a negative,
The faculty of reasoning and understanding,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homoclinic Bifurcation

Tell star!
In depth,
A sort of soul which exist,
In all,
In utero,
References this matter,
In a couple of places,
In brain,
All life is sacred,
The Turk,
The collaborative human interpreter,
To provide connectivity,
And compatibility,
With DNA phase,
In their data space,
One the one,
To two,
Decade time scale,
Help is on the way.

These were the,
Owners and the masters of the launches,
At the shore,
Ten or twelve men,
Approached the launch,
Took it on their,
Homoclinic Bifurcation,
Which creates or destroys,
Such speed that seemed,
Which often,
Occurs when a,
Periodic orbit,
Collides with,
A saddle point,
That puts elements,
Of a list,
In a certain order.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Inscription on a tomb

28.    The gilded one,
The ability of  a dancer to attain height in jumps,
The omission of words from speech or writing,
Power for drying wounds,
The embryo during the early stage of pregnancy,
A person who is between eigthy and eigthy-nine years old,
Represent as walking towards the dexter side,
With the right front foot raised,
A supposed branch of philosophy,
Concerned with an imaginary realm additional to metaphysics,
Able to have its decisions overturned by a higher court,
Having been inhaled,

29.    Unbreakable,
Not to tame,
Refusing to be persuade or to change one's mind,
So named from the notion that a piece of the forbidden fruit,
Became lodged in Adam's throat,
Discussion directed towards exploration of a subject or,
Resolution of a problem,
He who jumps on nigthmare,
The Marxist theory that political and historical events,
Result from the conflict of social forces,      
As caused by material needs,
And are interpretable as a series of contradictions,
And their solutions,
The words which follow with still greater force,
And the deed had they done.

30.    Gate to the imperial palace,
Discernment knowledge,
Extremely delicate and light,
In a way that seems not to be of this world,
A mild or less direct word substituted for one that is harsh,
Or blunt when referring to something,
Unpleasant or embarrassing,
A speech or piece of writing that praises someone highly,
Inscription on a tomb,
Impose a misleading belief upon,
The fourth letter of Greek alphabet,
The theory that physical and psychological phenomena are,
Explicable only in terms of a creative and interpretative mind,
Give as a gift,
Provide with a quality, ability, or asset.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who joint the beast at dinner

489.    To find an approximate solution to a problem,
Which cannot be solved exactly,
By starting from the exact solution,
Of a related problem,
When you make the two into one,
And when you make the inner like the outer,
And the outer like the inner,
And the upper like the lower,
And when you make male and female into a single one,
So that the male will not be male,
Nor female be female,
When you make eyes in a place of eye,
Hand in a place of a hand,
A foot in place of a foot,
An image place of an image,
Then you will enter.

490.    Frozen drop,
They came the world empty,
And they also seek to depart from the world empty,
Is the outermost shell of an atom,
Which contains the electrons most likely to account,
For the nature of any reactions,
Involving the atom and of the bonding interactions it has,
Which other atoms,
Then they will change their ways,
Being held together in molecules or,
Make strong and defensable,
An employee who is often sent on errands,
Passes by casually or by chance,
Have come from the light,
From the place where the light,
Came into being by itself.

491.    They do not flap their wings,
Each time,
Dipping the tail into the water,
To produce forward thrust,
It is motion and rest,
The pivot about which a lever turns,
Is a type of metaplasm that,
Refers to a word formed by removing the,
End of a longer original word,
Seething the kid in its mother's milk,
Is a controversial term for an element,
With no electrons, no protons, atomic number zero,
And would be classed as old group eight,
Period C,
Having no electron shells,
Equivalent to filled shells.

492.    Believed to be able to dive up to,
Three thousand metres in depth,
After Hermes thaught him to play,
And gave him a golden lyre,
Who joint the beast at dinner,
Fearing to mix with man,
A state in which the souls of those who have died,
In grace,
Must expiate their sins,
That which attracts straw,
The stone that,
The builders rejected,
That is the,