Tuesday, February 18, 2014


451.    Wove,
When my mind started racing to fast,
I wove,
When my mind went nub,
I wove,
Does not the,
Elegant universe,
Or even generate,
An unanticipated,
New conception of God,
Against one another,
In between,
Kept looking,
For jobs,
Accomplished temple builders,
An orneamental vertical grove in a column,
Without being confined to a definite channel,
A high-pitched wind,
A ball of thread.

 452.    Martian day,
Could compass,
Work week,
With three days off,
Like Earth,
Diamond vehicle,
Or martial art,
A place,
Such inquiry,
Our present,
This is the only strategy,
For survival.

453.    To drop,
Which implies something divine or precious,
The morning star,
Over an audience by means of the,
Variations of sounds,
Mozart was a child prodigy,
Bethoven was not,
Into its hearers,
You know, that,
Feature motion,
Is in fact,
Already available at,
Lower levels of the,
Visual cortex.

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