Sunday, February 16, 2014


331.    But the truth,
Is not of this nature,
Nor anything like it,
Reign of terror,
Which the,
Established at Athens,
Never-ending series,
Not to be embarrased of,
Appreciating the truth,
And obtaining it,
Wherever it comes from,
Even if it comes from,
Races distant and nations different,
Perpetually jubilant,
The whole processes of the Universe,
Considered as to be constantly,
Changing and stemming,
From the diversification of a unique,
Principle of energy,
Or emptiness.

332.    Free from flaws or mistakes,
Professional authors of,
Juidical discourse in,
Ancient Greece,
The thirty,
Replaced by Ten,
Who assist the celebrant in the performance,
Of liturgical rites,
Was killed,
Was the uncle of Plato,
Of hundred,
Was elected,
Nominally by the five thousand.
Actors in a play,
Suitable, the belief that,
One's self or group,
Can have no real knowledge of the nature of existence,
In general,
Or specifically about,
A particular issue,
And that nothing can,
Or should be done,
One's intelligence does not come close to,
Touching upon the issues,
By the Sufi sympathetic,
Al-Gazali of the Asharite school,
Against the,
Neoplatonic school of thought,
In Islamic Philosophy.

333.    Struggle to surmount,
Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn,
Tarkanoğlu Uzalağ,
Especially by reproof of reprimand,
Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine,
The black-headed people,
It belongs to no known language,
One part of four of an iku,
Let your first thought be to strenghten the natural vitality,
Was a versatile Persian philosopher,
And hekim,
Ebu Bekir Muhammed ibn Zekeriya El-Razi,
Loving Lysias better even than himself,
Nevertheless hates Plato,
More perfectly,
Than he loves Lysias.

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